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Registration & Class Schedules

Online Student Center 

Registration & Class Schedules

Access Canvas or The West Education Network (TWEN) for individual course pages.

Before you begin the registration process:

  • Confirm your priority registration number (PRN).
  • Check to see if you have any holds.
  • Review the Graduation checklist/summary of JD Requirements.
  • Run a personalized Degree Works Advisement report to review any degree requirements you have not yet met via the portal.
  • Be sure you have the necessary pre- or co-requisites for the courses you would like to take.
  • Classes may be closed, and you will want to place yourself on the waitlist. To do so you must select the “Waitlist” option and click “Submit Changes.”
  • Are you in an externship? Read the Externship Registration Instructions.
  • Are you in a clinic? You will be registered automatically by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Are you in both an externship and a clinic? You should not be! Law students may not be enrolled in a clinic and externship simultaneously, nor may you have any type of outside employment (even if unpaid or volunteer) while in a clinic unless the outside employment has been disclosed to and approved by your clinical professor.

Registration begins at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 11:59 p.m. each day.


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