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Final Exams

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Final Exams 

Examplify 101 (A Complete Guide for Students)- F22 (8/25/2022)


Remote Exam Steps  (11/29/2021)

1L Remote Exam FAQ (8/29/2022)

Instructions for Microsoft Teams(11/10/2020)

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot*

*Check with your wireless service provider for additional information

Minimum System Requirements



Mock Exam

Examplify has a mock exam you can access so that you can see what your finals will look like and how the system will work. You can find the mock exam when you log into Examplify and look at the list of available exams to download. This exam is called “Mock Exam” and the password is mock2023.

It is critical that you have downloaded the Examplify software prior to the exam period and are familiar with how it works so that you can focus on taking the exam once it opens.

Contact Information During the Exam Period

Business Hours 

The Registrar’s office will be available for exam related questions and problems during office hours   

8:30AM – 4:30PM, Monday through Thursday and 8:30AM – 3:00PM on Friday. 

For questions during business hours, the Registrar’s Office can be contacted in one of three ways. 

  • Students can call the office at 718-990-2192.  If the phone is not answered, voice mail messages are immediately sent to our email account. 
  • Students can email [email protected] and asked to be called or emailed. The email account will be monitored during business hours. 
  • Students can download the Microsoft Teams application on their phone or laptop and contact us during business hours at Law School Exam Support. This is the fastest way to contact the Registrar’s Office during exams.

If you request assistance by providing a phone number or email address, please ensure that you are available to be reached at that email address or phone number. 


Email Address

Phone Number


[email protected]

live support: ExamSoft Exam-Taker Help

(866) 429-8889

Law Help Desk

[email protected]

(718) 990-1430

Registrar’s Office

[email protected]

(718) 990-6600 (option #6)

Office of Student Services

[email protected]


Exam Conflicts

Students are no longer required to apply for an exam conflict. The Office of the Registrar will move any exam in conflict to the next date for exam conflicts.

Under the conflict policy, the following constitute a conflict:

  • two exams on the same day
  • two exams in less than 24 hours (5:00PM and 10:00AM the following day) or
  • three exams in three days

Students will receive an email with their revised exam schedule at least one month prior to the start of final exams. If any student wishes to take an exam as originally scheduled, they must let the Office of the Registrar know within one week of receiving the exam schedule email.

Returning Examplify Users

ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc., the software developer St. John’s University, School of Law has contracted to host electronically submitted exams has released an updated version of their testing software. Users are required to update to Examplify and become familiar with its layout and processes prior to the final exam period. Failure to update comes with the risk of having no technical support from either the Law School Help Desk or ExamSoft personnel. Continue to visit the St John’s School of Law ExamSoft Homepage for access and further details.

ExamSoft Procedures 

St. John’s University School of Law uses Examsoft/Examplify for the administration of exams. In order to make sure Examplify will work on your computer, information on minimum system requirements are available online. Examsoft will work equally for PC & MAC users. 

Students will only be required to download and register with the software once. Once you install the software, you will not have to re-download the software again. However, it is encouraged that you update to future releases for access to the latest features and compatibility fixes. You will only be required to download your exams in future semesters prior to the exam period.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the new software system, there is an overview, as well as demo videos available: ExamSoft Help Videos.

Instructions for In-Person Exams

Day-of Procedures

Bring your 4-digit anonymous number to the exam room.

Early arrival (at least 30 minutes prior to start) is advised to allow for sign-in and receipt of exam instructions.

All exam materials, including scrap paper, will be provided in the exam room. Pencils and pens are not provided. All materials must be returned to the proctors at the exam’s conclusion. 

Handwriting books will always be available for your use in the event of a laptop malfunction.

You must download the exam prior to your arrival at the exam room.


If you experience any problems with your computer on the day of the exam, you must notify the proctor and prepare to write the exam.  You will not be given extra time to fix computer problems during the exam. 

If you are unable to submit your exam electronically, you can either try to submit from another location in the School of Law or go to IT for assistance.  Exams must be submitted before leaving the School of Law.  Information Technology office is located in Room 1-06 and will be open for one half hour after exams end.

If you are a returning student, taking an exam for the first time in the current semester, you may receive a “registration expired” alert. You will be able to use the software after continuing normally.


Should there be any problem uploading your exam, you will be contacted and asked to bring your laptop to the Information Technology offices in Room 1-06.