Policy 307 - Paycheck Distribution

Section: Compensation
Policy Number: 307
Responsible Office: HR/Payroll
Effective Date: 1/18/00
Revised: 7/1/01; 4/28/04; 10/21/11; 7/13/17; 12/2/20


This procedure applies to all employees paid either bi-weekly (staff and student employees) or semi-monthly (administrators, faculty, and graduate assistants). Distribution only applies to those employees who receive regular paper payroll checks. Employees with direct deposit will receive an email notification on or before the pay date and can view their paystub online.


Paydays: The Director of Payroll establishes the bi-weekly (every other week) and semi-monthly (twice a month) pay schedule via the HR website at the beginning of each calendar year.

Early Release of Paycheck: Payroll checks may not be released without the prior approval of the Director of Payroll. Under no circumstance may checks be cashed prior to 8:00am on payday.

Distribution: All paper payroll checks for all campuses will be mailed directly from the Payroll Office. Paper checks will not be available for pick up, but will be mailed to the employee's home address by 3:00pm on the pay date.

Responsibility: Payroll checks are sealed and mailed by the Payroll Office on payday. They contain confidential salary information and should not be opened or handled by unauthorized personnel. Any unsealed payroll checks should be reported to the Director of Payroll immediately.

St. John's University, New York
Human Resources Policy Manual