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Employee Resource Groups

In the Fall of 2020, the University announced the launch of formal Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at St. John’s. ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that help to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace, as well as cultivate a greater sense of belonging. ERGs are open to all St. John’s University faculty, administrators, and staff. An ERG may form around a shared identity, a shared interest or concern, or a professional/career affiliation.

Preference in the initial launch will be shown to ERGs that support minoritized social identities in our workplace. Employees who are interested in starting a group are encouraged to review the ERG resources, and then identify two co-leaders to complete the required proposal information online. Should you have questions, a Human Resources representative can be reached at [email protected]

Starting an ERG

An ERG Proposal Form and Getting Started Guide, along with a comprehensive ERG Guidebook and other program resources, are available to assist you in starting an ERG at St. John's. You must be logged onto SignOn to access these resources: Employee Resources

For assistance, contact a Human Resources representative at [email protected]

Joining an ERG

We are pleased to inform employees that an application was approved for the creation of the LGBTQ+ ERG. At this time, we invite all faculty, staff, and administrators who may be interested in participating to complete an interest form. Below you will find information on the group:

LGBTQ+ Group Purpose

To create a group for LGBTQ+ St. John’s University faculty, staff, and administrators to serve as a resource for each other, to provide a safe space for colleagues to come together and share experiences, to provide an avenue for improving the experience of members of the LGBTQ+ community within the broader St. John’s community and to serve as allies in advocating for St. John’s to become an anti-racist, accessible, and inclusive university. The hope is to provide a space for deep engagement with members of the LGBTQ+ community, and to enable members to cultivate a sense of belonging within the ERG and within the University.

LGBTQ's Group's Mission

To enhance the experience of LGBTQ+ employees at St. John’s by providing them with connection, support, resources, and information.

Group's Vision

We envision an LGBTQ+ network for St. John’s employees that provides connection, support, and resources, and that actively contributes to the larger efforts of the university in its efforts to become equitable and inclusive. We will only succeed in realizing our vision when members can participate in this ERG as their full selves, which means we are committed to exploring intersectionality and positionality both in the context of each person’s role at St. John’s and in their larger communities. We also hope to connect with existing and future groups focused on current students and alumni.

LGBTQ+ Group's Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide a space for members of the LGBTQ+ community to come together and build relationships.
  2. To demonstrate the breadth and depth of the LGBTQ+ network within the University.
  3. To improve the experience of LGBTQ+ employees throughout the University.
  4. To cultivate a sense of belonging among LGBTQ+ employees.
  5. To provide resources and guidance to individuals and departments wishing to more fully engage with the LGBTQ+ community (e.g., via outreach, support, events, or research).
  6. To actively and vocally champion St. John’s anti-racist and other equity and inclusion endeavors.

LGBTQ+ Activities/Programming

Sample programs would include social/networking lunches, a Pride event that could be open to the full University community, local outings (e.g., to the Mets Pride baseball game), volunteering with LGBTQ+ organizations (e.g., the Trevor Project or God’s Love We Deliver), and hosting guest speakers or panels.

LGBTQ+ Co-leaders

We are actively seeking faculty and staff members interested in becoming co-leaders of this ERG. The current co-leaders are Sarah Kelly, Law School and Linda Romano, Marketing and Communications.

If you are interested in becoming a member or co-leader and wish to learn more about the LGBTQ+ ERG, fill out an interest form and one of the co-leaders will be in touch with you.