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Diversity Recruiting Resources
From HERC (The Higher Education Recruitment Consortium)

Future Black Faculty Database (FBF)
Developed at UC Berkeley, the FBF Database contains records of doctoral candidates, recent graduates, and professionals seeking positions in academia. All Database members are of African American descent and plan to obtain a tenure track faculty position within five to seven years. The focus of this database is on persons studying engineering or the natural sciences. Access to the database is free.

National HERC Partner Newsletter

National Minority Faculty Identification Program (NMFI)
Educational Institutions join the NMFI program for $200. This program advertises its roster of member institutions four times a year in The Chronicle of Higher Education and invites candidates to submit their CVs for consideration by member institutions. Four times a year (October, November, January, and March) the NFMI Program produces a computerized directory of the abbreviated resumes, indexed by discipline. Using this directory, member institutions can request up to 25 dossiers free of charge; subsequent dossiers are $1.00 each.

Information about the MNYSC HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium), a collaborative effort developed by Columbia University, New York University, and Yale University to improve academic recruitment and retention, with a special emphasis on facilitating dual career appointments and enhancing faculty diversity.

Sloan Guide for the Successful Recruitment of Minority Students into Science and Engineering Ph.D. Programs
Reference manual for faculty and recruiters in search of graduate students in the areas of science, engineering and mathematics.