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Course Offerings

Course Offerings in Multicultural/Ethnic/Global Studies has been developed by the President’s Multicultural Advisory Committee, a group of students, faculty and administrators from diverse backgrounds working together for a common cause. The Committee serves as an advisory group to the President of the University in addressing both the broad issues of multiculturalism in higher education and the specific multicultural and global needs of our St. John’s University community.

The purpose of this publication is to provide students with a comprehensive guide to the various multidisciplinary, cross-cultural courses offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at St. John’s. Topics vary from “Studies in Italian Culture” and “Women in America” to “Politics of the Middle East” and “African Nationalism,” as well as “International Marketing,” “Global Crime” and “Religions of the World.” Information is also provided about special certificate programs designed specifically for students who wish to concentrate in area studies including Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Asian Studies.

Similar to the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins, course listings are categorized by College. Students should be aware that many of the courses listed in this publication: (1) require prerequisites, (2) are open only to department majors, (3) require special permission from the department chair/program director, and (4) are not offered every semester.

Prior to registering for any courses, you must consult with your academic advisor to ensure that you are eligible to take a course and that it fits within your program requirements.

We hope you find this guide a helpful resource in your course selection process. For additional information on minors in multicultural/ethnic/global studies, refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins or consult with your academic advisor.