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Transfer Orientation

To prepare you transition to studies here at St. John’s, we hold a special Orientation designed just for you.

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Your attendance at this event is important in helping you successfully integrate into the St. John’s Community. When you attend Orientation, you will experience first-hand all that St. John’s has to offer and have the opportunity to make connections and begin the process of forming lifelong relationships.

Please note that Orientation is REQUIRED for all new students.

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Please note that in order to register for Orientation, you must have paid your deposit. View the New Student Guide Checklist for deposit deadline and other important information.

Queens Transfer Orientation

  • July 16
  • August 29

Day One

9–10:30 a.m.Check-in and University Tour
Arrive at Marillac Terrace to check in and receive your overnight housing assignment and student ID. Then, follow the orientation leaders to the Residence Village to leave your belongings in your room before starting a tour of the campus. The orientation leaders discuss why they call this campus home, while identifying important buildings critical to your transition as a first-semester student at St. John’s.
10:30–11:15 a.m.University Welcome
Receive a warm welcome from the University’s Provost (chief academic officer), Vice President for Student Affairs, and orientation leaders as they introduce you to St. John’s University and what it means to be part of our community.
11:25–11:50 a.m.Meet Your Orientation Leaders
You spend much of New Student Orientation in peer groups led by orientation leaders. Take this opportunity to get to know them and other first-year students who are going through this experience with you. Be sure to ask your orientation leaders about their experiences at SJU.
Noon–12:50 p.m.Lunch
1–1:50 p.m.Campus Safety: Accessing Your Community
Your safety is very important to us. Representatives from the Department of Public Safety and the Fire Safety and StormCard Offices explain campus security systems, emergency readiness, your student ID, parking, and the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and your community.
2–5:35 p.m.University Freshman Center: Navigating Your First Year
There is so much to know about being a first-year college student. University Freshman Center advisors play an essential role in helping plan your academic experience. They provide both academic and personal support during your transition period and are knowledgeable about course requirements, availability, and scheduling that are specific to your major. Be sure to take advantage of their expertise.
SJYou Experience
St. John’s students explore their interests through a variety of clubs, programs, and activities. Orientation leaders share their experiences and discuss how getting involved helped them acclimate to life at the University.
Share the T.E.A.!
Students will learn about the Teachings for Empathy and Awareness (T.E.A.) that is essential for cultivating cultural competency skills. Students will also learn more about the OMA and its role in creating a more inclusive and affirming campus environment. In a follow-up evening session with OLs, students will have the opportunity to build on this session through deeper conversations about and across difference.
Ignite the Fire–Catch the Spirit
Campus Ministry welcomes all religious traditions. As a community of faith, service, and friends, Campus Ministry takes seriously its unique role in expressing the University’s distinctive identity as a Catholic and Vincentian institution as embodied in the University’s mission. You gather at St. Thomas More Church to meet campus ministers who share the many opportunities to be involved in faith, service, social justice, leadership, and the community.
REaDy for Success: RED is in Demand
Learn how University Career Services teaches students essential skills and encourages personal responsibility to explore and achieve career goals. Career peers, who are your fellow students, show you the path to success through résumé building, practice interviews, internship, and job fairs, which can help you develop your professional network and open doors to a dream career.
5:45–7 p.m.Dinner and House Rules
7–8:10 p.m.Free Time
8:20–9:20 p.m.SJU Riff-Off
A musical challenge you may recognize, SJU Riff-Off is an opportunity for you to get to know your peers and face off in a musical battle. Be sure to bring your best singing voice!
9:30 p.m.–12:30 a.m.Johnny’s Social
School spirit and traditions are a part of the college experience. This is your first official St. John’s spirit-filled activity to get you ready for the year to come. Join us for fun, games, dancing, and food.

Day Two

8–9:20 a.m.Breakfast/Time with Your OLs
Rise and shine! Gather in Montgoris Dining Hall and enjoy a hot breakfast with your group members. Your Orientation Leaders will then assist you with completing the social media competition requirements. You can also use this opportunity to discuss your college expectations and get answers to any questions you may have from previous sessions.
9:30–10:25 a.m.Knowing YES!
An engaging workshop facilitated by your Orientation Leaders about affirmative consent, where you will have an opportunity to explore what you expect out of your relationships.
10:35–11:50 a.m.Friends: The College Years
We take care of our own. St. John’s University administrators and your orientation leaders explore the importance of looking out for one another now that you are a part of the St. John’s community. Entertaining and honest performances address topics such as diversity, mental health, alcohol use, and sexual violence, to help you consider how to make smart choices in challenging situations.
Noon–12:35 p.m.Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education
Hear from current student leaders and St. John’s faculty about the benefits of a liberal arts education and the skills you gain outside your major that prepare you for your future career. 
12:45–1:45 p.m.Lunch
1:55–2:30 p.m.Academic Connections: Faculty Tips for Success
Learn from University faculty members who help you familiarize yourself with the collegiate environment and academic expectations. Faculty demonstrate how intellectual experiences within the classroom can connect to your future goals and life beyond St. John’s.
2:40–3:50 p.m.ThinkFast
ThinkFast brings together all the components from the past two days in a fun, interactive, game-show style setting complete with music, trivia, and lots of prizes!
3:50–4:15 p.m.Surveys, Giveaways, and Check-out
On behalf of the 2019 Summer Orientation staff, we thank you for attending our program. We hope you leave with a better understanding of what makes St. John’s unique and what we have to offer to help make the next years of your life memorable. Before receiving your giveaway, please complete the survey and provide us with feedback to help improve our program.
4:15-6 p.m.Laptop Distribution (Sullivan Hall Room 103)
If you chose to opt into the St. John’s University Laptop Program, you can pick up your laptop today.  If you have not yet made a choice it is not too late.  Login to UIS, from the menu choose ”Student”, then Admissions”, then “Choose your Laptop”. You can pick up your laptop before you depart.