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Online Patient Portal (Medicat)

Medicat, the University's online patient portal for students, offers a convenient way to submit the health forms required by St. John's University in accordance with New York State Public Health Laws 2165 and 2167 to be an enrolled student.

Medicat (via signon.stjohns.edu)

Are You a New Student? 

If you have deposited as a St. John's student or if you are registered for classes at St. John's, please submit your required health forms.

How to Submit Your Health Forms

  1. Go to signon.stjohns.edu and sign in using your St. John's network credentials that you use to access your St. John’s email.
  2. Once you signed in, click on the icon for Medicat (Student Health Services and Wellness).
    Medicat icon
  3. Once you in Medicat, select “Upload.” Scroll down to the drop-down menu and select type of document you will be uploading, e.g., "Immunization Form", "Meningitis Declination Form".
  4. Click Select File to browse your computer for the document you will upload and click Upload.
    • Please make sure you upload all the required forms.

Please Note:

  • Uploaded health forms must be reviewed by Student Health Services before being marked as complete.
  • Always log out of the Medicat and close your internet browser when you are done using the online patient portal to ensure your medical information remains confidential.

Need Help?

For assistance logging in and using Medicat, please read: