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Library Resources

Discovery Search Layer
Search for books, articles, media and more. A comprehensive gateway to the University Libraries' collections. 

Catalog (Books, Videos, etc.)
The library catalogs allow you to search the different collections of the University Libraries. Materials in the catalog include books, videos, DVDs, periodicals, government documents, and teaching materials.

Databases A-Z
Databases allow you to search periodicals, journals, newspapers, magazines for articles on specific topics. The A-Z list arranges them alphabetically by the name of the database. You may also browse databases by subject.

Databases/Resources by Discipline
Find databases, web sites, journals, and other information relevant to specific academic disciplines. 

Online Journals by Title
Provides a list of periodicals subscribed to by the University Libraries, searchable alphabetically or by subject.

Video Collections
Provides information on how to access streaming video collections, DVD's and Videocassettes owned by the University Libraries'. Also highlights free video collections online.

Citation Tools 
Citation Tools allows you to easily manage your research and to format citations, bibliographies and works cited lists.

Government Documents
The University Libraries are a federal government document depository, providing access to government documents in both electronic and print form. The public is welcome to use the Queens Main Library's government documents collections. Visitors will be given a temporary username and password to gain access to the desktop computers.

Academic Podcasting
The St. John’s University Libraries inaugurated their Academic Podcasting Initiative in 2005, with the aim of capturing podcasts of those University programs and events which offer unique, mission-oriented content.

The University Libraries have a growing collection of electronic books. Many can be accessed through the library catalog, while others can only be accesses through separate platforms. This guide shows you how to find them.

eReference Shelf
This online guide shows you how to search the University Libraries' electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other reference materials. These are useful when starting a research project.

Journal Rankings
This page provides various resources for measuring the relative difficulty of publishing in journals across different disciplines.