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“Books are for nothing but to inspire”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Library Development supports the St. John’s University Libraries' mission and vision. That is, to commit themselves to the teaching and learning processes by providing content-based information resources, instructional services, and other support in the most effective formats for University programs and student and faculty research. The Libraries provide the foundation for the University's mission of academic excellence and lifelong learning.

In addition, the University Libraries will be a physical and virtual information crossroads community, helping all library users achieve success through quality service and ubiquitous access. To achieve this vision we must sustain excellence by both honoring and renewing tradition to advance academic inquiry and provide an environment where students can gather for out-of-classroom learning experiences.

To accomplish this, the Libraries are committed to: improving and advancing the Libraries' technologies; the growth of the book collections, databases and other non-print formats; digitization of the Libraries' media collections; programs intended to promote intellectual awareness and encourage discussion; continued renovation and restoration of existing buildings.

As well, the University Libraries seek to broaden their relationship with the community, with alumni and with Friends, and to keep them informed of activities, including lectures, exhibits and events.

Libraries today face many challenges, including: increases in the cost of journals, books and electronic resources; incorporating electronic texts, multi-media resources and equipment, computers, printers and scanners to compete in today’s technological environment; a print collection in need of upkeep and replacement.

To meet these challenges, the Library depends on donations from alumni, members of the university community and the outside community. To address the needs of these challenges, we call upon donors to choose from a variety of giving opportunities such as: cash gifts, endowments, deferred gifts, or donations of collections of books. Whatever your choice, the Libraries are grateful for your support.

For more information contact:

Blythe E. Roveland-Brenton, Ph.D.
University Archivist and Associate Dean
University Library, Queens
St.Augustine Hall, Room 306