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Establishing a Proxy Patron Account

The Purpose of the Proxy Patron Account

The St. John's University Libraries provide University faculty the opportunity to name proxies to represent them in the Libraries. This service is intended to assist faculty in doing their library research by authorizing their designees to use the library in said faculty member's name.

Who may serve as a proxy?

Current St. John's University students, research assistants and employees are eligible to serve as proxies. Faculty members may authorize as many proxies as they choose.

How to Apply for the Proxy Patron Account

Faculty may request a proxy account by completing the Proxy Request Form and submitting it to the Circulation Desk of either the Queens or Staten Island campus libraries, or at the Queens Media Center and IMC desks. Proxy privileges may be issued for up to one year, at the sponsoring faculty member's discretion. 

Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Faculty Member

Sponsoring faculty members are fully responsible for all materials borrowed in their name. All circulation notices will be sent to the faculty member.

Note: This service is available at the Queens and Staten Island campus libraries.  However, Oakdale faculty may name a proxy for either of the aforementioned libraries.