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Donations and Gifts

The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library of St. John's University welcomes gifts and donations that support the academic needs of our students and faculty, as well as the interests and concerns of our members and sponsors. Gifts of books and other materials expand and enhance our collections; monetary donations allow us to improve our services. Donors may wish to designate their grants to support a specific collection or activity or target an area where there is a perceived need.

Areas of Potential Support:
The Library requires funds to strengthen existing collections and purchase materials. These funds enable us to purchase expensive reference books, market research studies, journals, newsletters, online databases, CD ROMS and other e-resouces.

* In order to provide the most effective information service, the Library requires equipment to automate, thereby increasing access to the collection. Access to Web based information and other digital resources requires periodic upgrading of hardware and software, which is becoming increasingly expensive and important.

* Our phyical collection consists of books; periodicals; forms, policies and contracts; laws and regulations; pamphlets; government documents and other materials related to the insurance industry and its role in global commerce. Many of these documents are currently available only at this library, and a large percentage of this material is in extremely fragile condition.

* Our Insurance Information Preservation Project is a concerted effort to preserve these documents before a unique and valuable history of insurance is lost forever.

Contact Us:


Should you know of alumni, individuals, companies or foundations that might be willing to support some of our special insurance information projects, particularly as they relate to automating our catalog, providing access to our collection via the Web and digitization of materials in our extensive historical collection of vertical files, we would appreciate hearing about it from you. For this and all other questions concerning financial gifts or donations to the Library, please contact the library, at 212-277-5137 and speak with the Director, Ismael Rivera or send a general e-mail to [email protected]. The Davis Library is grateful for your continued support.