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Get the foundation and skillsets that are in high demand.

Our degree programs offer a theoretical understanding of the field along with the skills and competitive edge that come from practical experience. Graduate professors in CCPS are scholar-practitioners whose insights and knowledge reflect current industry trends and demands—local, national, and global.

Internships play a central role in all CCPS graduate programs as they offer the critical experiential learning opportunities for our students. Reflecting St. John’s global reach, many programs provided study abroad opportunities. Students can spend a semester or several weeks taking courses at St. John’s University’s campus in Rome, Italy; at its academic centers in Paris, France, and Limerick, Ireland, and at other locations around the globe.

While Collins College of Professional Studies operates on a rolling admission basis, priority is given to fall term applicants who apply by May 1.

Doctor of Professional Studies in Homeland Security
This innovative, 78-credit program is designed to qualify candidates to fill mid- to high-level executive positions in government, law enforcement, the public and private security industries, nongovernmental organizations, and academia. Students research and explore the practice of such collaborative efforts and gain an understanding of the range of local, national, international, and organizational security issues faced by public and private actors and entities within the Homeland Security Enterprise.

Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Leadership
A 36-credit program prepares both preservice students and professional criminal justice personnel for leadership positions in policing, courts, corrections, and homeland and corporate security. Courses are taught via two delivery models: conventional classroom and hybrid, which combine both classroom meetings with an online component.

Master of Professional Studies in Sport Management
Drawing on the University’s distinguished record of excellence in the field, this 36-credit program applies sound business principles to the sport industry. Students benefit from the abundant internship and job opportunities available in New York City—the world capital of sport and media. Opportunity for merit scholarship.

Master of Science in Computer Science
Students who enroll in the Computer Science graduate program will achieve knowledge and competency in the core areas of advanced database system design, compiler design, algorithms and theory of computation, software design and architecture, and distributed operating systems. Students will be able to choose from a variety of elective courses in mobile applications, cryptography, machine learning, and robotics, and they select a specialization in data mining and predictive analytics, software development, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity. It is designed both for students with undergraduate degrees in computer science, as well as for career-changers (the latter, via a nine-credit, bridge-course sequence).

Master of Science in Cyber and Information Security
This 30-credit program is offered on the Queens, NY, campus or online and combines cybersecurity and information science. It is designed with cybersecurity specialists, Information Technology (IT) enterprise professionals, and data scientists in mind. However, the knowledge it provides serves the need for advanced cybersecurity skills among the wider community of IT managers and computer professionals.

This major appeals to students who want to become cybersecurity specialists, as well as data scientists already in the field who need to upgrade their skills. It is designed to accommodate both students with undergraduate degrees in IT and computer science and career changers. 

Master of Science in Data Science
This 30-credit program prepares students to apply statistical and data mining techniques to large data sets in order to generate useful information, identify patterns and trends, and build models to predict future events. Applications of these techniques now transform decision-making throughout business, government, health care, and academia. The demand for professionals knowledgeable in this area is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Opportunity for merit scholarship.

Master of Science in Health Care Systems
The Master of Health Care Systems (MHS) program recognizes the need for a graduate degree program in health care systems that equips students with the necessary tools to achieve and manage integrated approaches to health care—approaches that enable students to look at operational, policy, technology, and legal issues in health care from a holistic perspective. The program offers both medical and nonmedical professionals opportunities to develop advanced organizational and technical skills, effectively positioning students to assume leadership positions within the evolving ecosystem of the US health care stakeholders and health-related professions.

Master of Science in Integrated Advertising Communication
In this 30-credit program, students become familiar with the media tools and continuity practices necessary to implement a fully integrated advertising and communication campaign. Students learn that advertising “at” the consumer is not enough anymore, and that success today relies on the ability to create a dialogue with the recipient of the message while building brand loyalty.

Master of Science in International Communication
This interdisciplinary, 36-credit program prepares leaders for the growing number of organizations and agencies that communicate with global audiences. Courses explore the impact of 21st-century media on public policy, international relations, and world cultures.

Master of Science in International Hospitality Management
The highly competitive, 30-credit Master of Science program in International Hospitality Management at St. John’s University offers an in-depth approach to studying how the application of business affects the global hospitality industry. Hospitality professionals with advanced degrees enjoy increased executive opportunities worldwide at businesses, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, convention centers, resorts, on cruise ships, and more.

Priority Consideration Application Deadlines 

Application and all supplemental materials must be submitted by the dates below to receive priority consideration for admission. Applications completed after the dates below will be reviewed as rolling admission applications.

November 1                            All other spring start programs

April 1                                      All other fall start programs

Available Academic Graduate Assistantship Positions

A limited number of graduate assistantships and University fellowships are granted to various academic departments within each school and college of the University. Graduate Assistantships are also available in administrative departments.

Financial Aid

St. John’s offers transparency regarding available aid and other opportunities to offset the cost of graduate studies. Entering graduate students seeking financial assistance from any federal or institutional sources of funding should file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at using St. John’s University’s federal institution code 002823. For more information on financial aid, visit

Yellow Ribbon Program
St. John’s is a proud participant in the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Yellow Ribbon Program, which provides financial assistance and academic support to post-9/11 veterans pursuing higher education.