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Student Testimonials

“The clinic taught me more about the practice of law in one semester than the rest of law school combined. The mix of hands-on experience with a real client to answer to and amazing professors who care as much about their students' development as the client's interest teaches more thoroughly than learning on the job after graduation, where the priorities are different.”

“I just wanted to give a well-deserved thank you to both of you because I am currently working for Westchester Supreme Court, and parts of my mornings are spent conducting foreclosure settlement conferences. I am using many of the skills that I learned while at SAC, and am doing very well. The foundation of skills that SAC helped me to build has been extremely valuable. I said to my wife the other day that SAC was, by far, the most "fun" I had in law school, and it also helped me to escape from the classroom setting and to develop and practice important skills needed in this profession.”