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The Securities Arbitration Clinic is a one semester, four-credit clinic offered in the spring and fall. It is open to second and third-year students.

There are no required pre- or co-requisites for Clinic participation and students do not need to have a securities or finance background. Although there are no required courses, practice dourses such as Mediation, Negotiation, and Trial Advocacy can help you prepare for the clinic.  In addition, substantive courses such as Evidence, Corporate Securities Regulations. Finance, and Business organizations can be helpful.

While the minimum weekly time commitment is 16 hours, comprised of 14 office hours and a two-hour weekly seminar, there may be weeks where students work much more than the minimum. Students meet their time commitment by holding office hours at the Clinic four days each week, between Monday and Friday and between the 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Office hours must be held in a minimum of two-hour blocks and may not be changed once finalized and approved by the professors, except in extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances. The seminar is held on Mondays from 3:55 to 6:05 p.m. at the Law School’s Clinical Office. Students may not schedule office hours during the weekly seminar.  Each student works in a team with two other students.

Students may have a part-time job while participating in the Clinic. However, part-time work should not interfere with students’ commitment to the Clinic or office hours. Students are cautioned that the progress of a case can be unpredictable at times and any part-time position they hold must be flexible enough to accommodate this unpredictability.

Each student is required to team with two other students to conduct one Investor Education Seminar during per semester.