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Employ an Intern

There are two ways to employ a Ron Brown Prep Program student as an intern.

Ron Brown I Internship: In the latter portion of the Ron Brown I program, students intern for a month in a variety of legal practice settings. Past and intervening placements include:

  • New York State Judges
  • AXA Equitable Legal Dept.
  • Common Cause New York
  • District Attorney’s Offices
  • Fair Housing Justice Center
  • Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP
  • Legal Aid Society
  • Paul Hastings LLP
  • Queens Law Associates
  • Solo Practitioners
  • Urban Justice Center

Bridge Internship

In the summer before matriculating in law school, outstanding Ron Brown Prep Program students are invited to do a bridge internship. Past bridge-employees are Hughes Hubbard and Reed LLP, Paul Hastings LLP and the AXA Equitable Legal Department.

If you would like to be an employer and offer internship opportunities, please contact Professors Chiu or Castello at [email protected]edu or [email protected].