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How to Activate your St. John’s email account and Okta single-sign on

All St. John’s students are assigned a St. John’s e-mail account after they are registered for classes. Your school and professors will contact you at this email address, so it is very important you access check your student email at least once per day. Setting up your account for the first time can take some time, so follow the steps below, and if you have trouble, contact IT at the number or address below.

Your email address: Your email will be in the following format: [email protected] where ‘21’ represents the 2-digit year of entry into St. John’s University. If you were a student at St. John’s before Spring 2021, then your email address will end in the last 2 digits of your first year at St. Johns. 

To set up your account for the first time: You will need: (1) your email address (above) (2) your StormCard number (different from your X number)  (3) a device such as computer or tablet, and (4) your own phone (to receive emails or texts to verify your account access).  After you are set up you will only need one device at a time.

  1. Access the Okta single sign-on portal: All students should use to access their St. John’s University email.  This is a secure portal for university applications as well as email.  Instructions for setting up single signon can be found here.
  2. Sign in for the first time. There is a 2-step verification process.
    1. Step 1: enter your user ID and your password. Your user ID will be your St. John’s email address and the password will be the letters “Sj” followed by your 8-digit “StormCard” number (example: Sj01234567). If you do not know your StormCard number, follow the additional instructions below.
    1. Step 2: You will need to allow Okta Verify to send you a phone call or text message with a verification code to sign in using the 2-step process. .
  • Stormcard number: Your StormCard number is available in UIS. (this is different from your X number). To get it:
    • Click here to login in to UIS.  Your password in UIS is the one you used to pay your deposit, if required.  If you have not already set your password, instructions are provided, in red on the page.
    • Once you are in UIS, Click Students tab>Select New Student Information
    • Click Orientation
    • Click To Do List to locate your StormCard number

Once you are set up with the Okta system, you can access your student email by clicking the “Office 365 mail” icon.

Single Sign-On (

As a member of the St. John’s Community, you have access to University technology services. The University is consolidating usernames and passwords used to access University services (e.g. email, UIS) using a new single sign-on system called Okta. This system will make it easier for you to sign in, provide enhanced security, and give you the ability to reset your own password.

Below is a list of services that LL.M. students can access through the single sign on:

  • Email (for all St. John’s community members)
  • Canvas 
  • St. John’s Connect 
  • Medicat, Online Patient Portal 
  • International Student Services
  • UIS
  • Additional important resources

Please use to access your St. John’s University email. Your user ID will be your St. John’s e-mail address and your password will be the same password you currently use for your St. John’s e-mail and wireless.

Going forward, you will also be able to reset and change your current password through this new service. As a reminder, the credentials used for this service are what you use to log into St. John’s email and wireless.

We strongly recommend you bookmark

If you need help, you can find additional information on the University  Information Technology page. If you have any problems setting up or accessing your email or Okta accounts, please contact the IT Service Desk at (718)990-5000. Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30am- 7:30pm.

Law School Technology Office Contact information 
Location: Room 1-06 within the Law Library 
Office Hours: M-TH 8:00am-7:00pm, Fri 8:00am-3:00pm 
Phone: 718 990-1430 
For Help 

  •  Please see  this link provides self-help articles for common problems. If you cannot resolve your problem on your own, Click Raise a ticket. A helpdesk ticket will be created on your behalf and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
  •  Download the ST. John’s University Connect App and check out Tech Tools. 

Frequently Asked IT Questions

How do I connect to WiFi? (SJUMobile) 

  • Username: SJU Network account – First letter of the first name, first four letters of the last name, then last three numbers of the X Number 

*As an alternate Username -Enter your full St. John’s email address 

  • Password:  Sj + your storm card ID number  (note the S is upper case) unless you have changed it. 

How do I get the SJU Connect App?  

  • Download St John’s University Connect App from the App store 

How do I get email on my phone? 

  • Download the Microsoft Outlook App from the App store  
  • Access your email from the SJU Connect App. 

How do I sign onto the SJU Portal? 

  • Username: Your St John’s email,  Firstname.LastnameXX (XX = Year Started SJU)
  • Password:  Sj + your storm card ID number (note the S is capital) 

How do I sign onto UIS? 

  • Username:  Xnumber 
  • Password: Sj + your Xnumber without the X  (unless you have changed it). 

Where can I download Office 365? 

  • Download office 365 from  –Click Office 365 portal button, click Install office on the top right side of the page. 

All students have access to OneDrive cloud storage, with 1TB of free space