Students Walking Infront of Law School Building

Why St. John's

Why St. John's Law

Law matters. Lawyers matter. Dean Simons talks about the law school's success because of its strength of culture and consistently strong outcomes.

Why law?  It's a question that family, friends, and advisors have likely asked you.  Maybe you've even asked it yourself.  As a lawyer, as an educator, and as dean of St. John's Law for over a decade, it's a question I think about, and talk about, often.  While there is no single, right answer, one that I return to again and again is:  Law matters. 

Why St. John's Law? As you consider your legal education and career options, we encourage you to explore the wealth of opportunities available to you at St. John's that can put you on the path to a rewarding and meaningful career.  Take a virtual tour, attend an Information Session, watch a first year class, and connect with us.

Discover the Law

The Law School emphasizes legal theory and research, experiential learning and legal skills training. In addition to introducing you to legal concepts and practices, our curriculum is designed to expose you to diverse areas of the law so that you can discover your path to professional success.

Learn by Doing

At St. John’s Law, you will find many opportunities to learn the practice of law by doing. Experiential learning is a cornerstone of our educational approach, and it allows you to test substantive areas of the law and different practice environments as you make your career plans. Many of our experiential programs enable you to help New York’s underserved as you prepare for your life in the law.

Build Your Legal Skills

No matter what career path you take as a lawyer, you must be able to speak and write clearly, concisely and cogently. At St. John’s Law, we make the teaching of these skills a top priority.

Engage with the Profession

At St. John’s Law, you will find faculty interested in everything from admiralty law to zoology law. We have eight centers that bring together faculty, students and practicing lawyers to engage specific areas of the law. Each center can help you to gain a broad perspective on issues that matter to you and, in doing so, to define and advance your career strategy. The centers offer courses, conferences, symposia and speakers’ series; they affiliate with student organizations, law journals and competitions; and they provide resources for externships, clinical placements and networking.

Launch Your Career

Your education at the Law School will set in motion a life in the law that should be dynamic and sustaining for years to come. If our past graduates are any measure, your options will be limited only by your aspirations. Our alumni are well-represented throughout the legal community: in the judiciary, government, elective offices, private practice in both large and small firms, public interest organizations, corporations and nonprofit organizations.

The Paths They Choose

Our students chart varied paths to the legal profession. Many come to the Law School with a career vision—sometimes a general notion, sometimes a clear direction. Others arrive without any idea of the path they want to take. In either case, at St. John’s Law they find the support and resources they need to choose a direction and build a life in the law.