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Part-Time Program

The Same Degree, Full-Time or Part-Time

Since its founding in 1925, St. John’s Law School has been committed to providing a legal education to a diverse population of students. Adults with substantial responsibilities need the flexibility that our part-time program offers them. Our part-time students, whose numbers have included medical doctors and nurses; teachers; police, fire and military service officials; and parents raising children, bring diverse perspectives that enrich classroom discussions.

Our part-time program has the same curriculum, taught by the same faculty, as our full-time program. Faculty make themselves available at convenient times so that you can benefit from their attention and guidance. Our academic centers schedule many of their events throughout the day and evening in order to give all law students the chance to meet with distinguished speakers and guests. Part-time students participate in our clinical, moot court, and trial advocacy programs. They are active in on-campus organizations and have demonstrated leadership in roles that include editor-in-chief of the St. John’s Law Review and president of the St. John’s Law Review and the Student Bar Association.

Our part-time program offers classes during daytime hours for the first year of study (some evening courses are available in upperclass years). Part-time students take 23 credits during their first year and complete their J.D. in four years.