Professor Sheldon Evans Speaking at Podium

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Leadership

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in our student and faculty leadership.

Convened by Dean Michael A. Simons, the Dean’s Advisory Council is a diverse group of about 20 students who are leaders and advocates in the St. John’s Law and greater communities. Dean Simons meets with the Council each semester to discuss diversity and inclusion at the Law School. Sharing their diverse perspectives, the students partner meaningfully with the administration in creating an inclusive and accepting Law School environment.

Dean’s Advisory Council Student Members

Name                               Year
Michelle Artiles    3L
Nicole Cho           3L
Elyssa Cisluycis3L
Sade Donald2L
Marcus Guiterrez              1L
Moe Hassan                       3L
Ryan Iglesias                     3L
Jasmine Johnson 3L
Nadia Khan           1L
Yalda Khwaja                 3L
Stephanie Lamerce     2L
Laredana Miranda            3L
Gabriela Morales2L
Carihanna Morrison2L
Paul Pastore               2L
Benjamin Ranalli3L
Ramoya Rattigan            1L
Marcos Rodriguez             2L
Jagiot Singh             1L
Zachary Sobel                       3L
Albert Stancil                 2L
Ridmila Sudasinghe2L
Pharoah Sutton-Jackson3L
Jourden Taylor        2L
Emmanuelle Yeremou Ngal3L

Faculty Diversity Committee 

The Law School’s Faculty Diversity Committee brings faculty and administrators—including the Director of Diversity and Inclusion—together with Dean Michael A. Simons to discuss and take action on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, programs, and activities at, or sponsored by, St. John’s Law.  

  • Dean Michael A. Simons, Chair
  • Sarah Kelly
  • Gina Calabrese
  • Elaine Chiu
  • Elayne Greenberg
  • Anna Roberts
  • Courtney Selby
  • Jeremy Sheff
  • Jeff Sovern
  • Cheryl Wade