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Student Testimonials

“As a student in the St. John’s University Consumer Justice for the Elderly: Litigation Clinic, I represented a low-income senior who was facing foreclosure of the home that she had owned for several decades because of the fraudulent actions of unscrupulous mortgage brokers and a bank’s deceptive lending practices. I made several court appearances, negotiated stipulations and drafted and briefed a motion for summary judgment in an effort to rescind the mortgage and keep our client in her home.

The Consumer Justice for the Elderly: Litigation Clinic provided a nurturing environment to practically implement the concepts that I learned in the Clinic seminar and in my other legal classes.  I particularly appreciated the Clinic’s hands-on approach to learning. Although the professors were always there to support me and provide guidance when necessary, I was responsible for completing my work thoroughly and professionally. That experience proved invaluable as I went forward in law school and later in my legal career.

Indeed, my experience in the Clinic influenced my decision to become a public interest attorney after graduation. While participating in the Clinic, I became keenly aware of the vital need for legal services for the indigent members of our society.”

“The Consumer Justice for the Elderly: Litigation Clinic affords St. John’s students with an unrivaled law school experience: the opportunity to advocate for real clients under the close supervision of two inspiring mentors, Professors Goldweber and Calabrese. The Clinic's clients are extremely sympathetic – individuals who have worked their entire lives to purchase their homes and save for retirement only to have their assets and livelihood compromised by unscrupulous predatory lending scams, fraud and unaffordable subprime mortgages.

As a Clinic student intern during the Fall 2008 semester and the Clinic Dean’s Fellow from 2009 through 2010, I honed critical lawyering skills, including investigatory fact-finding and fact-analysis, oral advocacy, legal research and negotiation proficiency, all of which will serve me well throughout my career as an attorney. Most importantly, however, I credit the Clinic for providing me with a solid foundation for the development of attorney-client relationships as I worked on a large array of legal issues for the Clinic's clients. Through office meetings with clients and frequent follow-up communication, I cultivated strong bonds with my clients and fostered relationships of trust and confidence with them under the Clinic’s holistic lawyering philosophy.      

Working for the Clinic has been the highlight of my legal education as the experience has provided me with the confidence and the tools necessary to become an effective and zealous attorney. What the Consumer Justice for the Elderly: Litigation Clinic offers to students, in addition to litigation, interviewing, counseling, record-keeping, collaboration and time management skills, is the rewarding privilege to serve as a lawyer. I highly recommend all students to consider the unparalleled opportunities available through participation in the Clinic.”