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Web Interface

Learn from a leading bankruptcy attorney while earning CLE credits.

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This course will be offered live in a fully interactive online classroom. Attend class from home or office—anywhere you have a quality internet connection.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will see your professor, the white board, and relevant statutes and rules he displays
  • Your professor can see and talk with you and every member of the class
  • For more on the equipment requirements, please see our FAQs
  • You can see how the web interface works by viewing the video below.
  • You can see and speak to other members of the class
  • You will participate in class discussions, vote on polls, ask and answer questions
  • You can even chat privately with your classmates!
  • Your attendance will be recorded automatically for MCLE purposes
  • NOTE: Many states require attention monitoring for online CLE, so we will periodically monitor your attention by recording your responses to class poll questions and surveys
  • You’ll receive your attendance certificate via e-mail after each class session
  • Since every class is also recorded, you can review classes you missed (although this may not qualify for CLE credit in every state. View more information on MCLE requirements.)