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Procedure Course Overview

Learn from a leading bankruptcy attorney while earning CLE credits.

This course offers you an in-depth analysis of the rules of bankruptcy procedure—in theory, but more importantly, in practice. Guided by an expert in the field, you will explore the rules and policies that provide the foundation for administration of bankruptcy cases by the federal courts. In practice, understanding the nuance of procedure is often the key to success. This course will increase your understanding of the rules, improve your efficiency, and help your clients prevail. Course begins August 31, 2015.

Because it is rarely studied in law school, we now offer this course for practicing lawyers. This online course is the most convenient way ever to tap into the expertise of the St. John's Bankruptcy LLM faculty.

Here's how this course will help you elevate the level of your practice:

  • Focus on procedures you use every day in practice
  • Learn the risks and penalties for failure to follow procedural rules
  • Find out how to use procedure as a tool to achieve your clients’ goals
  • Study how procedural rules can affect substantive outcomes
  • Understand the compensation process
  • Study the ethical rules
  • Learn winning strategies