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No. 1  Application of Safe Harbor Provisions to Early Termination of Swap Agreements

No. 2  Debt Collection ‘versus’ Consumer Protection: The FDCPA’s Prohibition on False Representations of the Legal Status of Debt

No. 3  Non-Dischargeability of Foreign Student Loans

No. 4  Bankruptcy Courts May Alter Final Sale Orders and Findings of Good Faith Purchasers

No. 5  The Possibility of Discharging Student Loan Debt and Assessing the Differing Standards Applied by the Courts

No. 6  Chapter 11 Liquidation and its Effect on Collective Bargaining Agreements

No. 7  A Lender’s Knowledge of Alleged Breaches of Fiduciary Duties Shall Not Be Imputed Upon Debtors in a Statute of Limitations Analysis

No. 8  Property of the Estate and Creditors Rights to Bring Individual Suits

No. 9  Effects of Veil Piercing, Alter Ego and Substantive Consolidation on Bankruptcy

No. 10 Creditors Cannot Contract Around Their Fiduciary Duties and Withhold Their Consent from a Debtor to File for Bankruptcy

No. 11 A Dragnet Clause and a Future Advances Clause Can Reach the Collateral of a Loan that Has Already Been Repaid

No. 12 Delaware Bankruptcy Court Creates Vendor-Friendly Forum by PreservingReclamation Rights in the Face of DIP Lenders’ Liens

No. 13 When are Debtors and Creditors Bound to the Provisions of Confirmed Reorganization Plans?

No. 14 Federal Preemption and the Bankruptcy Code: At what Point does State Law Cease to Apply during the Claims Allowance Process?

No. 15 Ability to Avoid Successor Liability Pursuant to a §363 Sale In Bankruptcy

No. 16 Forum Non Conveniens and Chapter 15 Bankruptcy

No. 17 Creditor’s Failure to File a Proof of Claim is Inexcusable Where Potential Danger of Prejudice to Debtor Exists

No. 18 All Talk, but no Action Leads to the Loss of Ground Breaking Research

No. 19 The Nondischargeability of Government Cleanup Orders

No. 20 Substantive Consolidation of Debtor and Non-Debtor Entities

No. 21 Confirmed Bankruptcy Plan Supersedes Applicable FINRA Rules

No. 22 Not My Client, Not My Problem: The Duty of Attorneys to Non-Clients

No. 23 Critical Differences between Key Employee Retention Plans and Key Employee Incentive Plans

No. 24 Do Foreign Representatives Need to Satisfy the Recognition Requirement?

No. 25 Limiting the Scope of the Value Defense under 11 U.S.C. § 548(c) in Avoidance Litigation

No. 26 The Inconsistent Application of Section 1113 to Expired Collective Bargaining Agreements

No. 27 Courts Override Underlying Contractual Obligations in the Chapter 11 Surrender and Abandon of Aircraft Equipment and Vessels

No. 28 Section 546(e) Safe Harbor Defense: When to Utilize and When to Preclude