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No. 1: Whether Section 327 Professional Persons’ Legal Fees are the Cost of Doing Business in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

No. 2: Whether the Debtor or Bankruptcy Estate Owns Malpractice Claims That Accrue During a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

No. 3: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Trumps an Automatic Stay by Allowing Suit to Terminate a Trademark Licensing Agreement

No. 4: Procedural Due Process Requirements in Bankruptcy Cases

No. 5: Whether Foreign Avoidance Claims May Be Asserted Under Chapter 15

No. 6: Debt Discharge, Intent and Good Faith

No. 7: The “Prudent Person” Standard in ESOP Breach of Duty of Care Claims

No. 8: The Permissibility of Bringing an Action Against Johns-Manville’s Insurers Despite Injunctive Orders

No. 9: Protecting Patients or Protecting Government Agencies: Bankruptcy involvement in Medicare/Medicaid Termination

No. 10: Section 510 (b) of the Bankruptcy Code is to be Interpreted Broadly

No. 11: Filing for Bankruptcy and Untying the Knot? Not Without Strings Attached

No. 12: A Showing of Gross Recklessness Satisfies Section 523(a)(2)(A): Denying Deceivers the Ability to Discharge Debts Related to Fraudulently Obtained Funds

No. 13: Notice of Bar Date to Employees of a Multinational Corporation May Be Satisfied by Publication

No. 14: Whose Claim is it Anyway?—Direct and Derivative Claims in the Context of Bankruptcy Litigation

No. 15: A Sublessee’s Rights in the Face of A Debtor-Sublessor’s Rejection of an Unexpired Lease Under Chapter 11

No. 16: Conflict in the Bankruptcy Code: Ramification of a trustee’s 363(f) right to sell property “free and clear” on the lessee’s 365(h) right to retain property

No. 17: Whether Sovereign Immunity is a Defense for States in Bankruptcy Cases

No. 18: When a Priority is Not a Priority: Structured Dismissals and the Priority Rules

No. 19: May a foreign company liquidate under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code?

No. 20: Application of the Automatic Stay to a Non-Debtor Corporation

No. 21: Smoke & Mirrors: Bankruptcy Relief Remains Elusive for Marijuana Businesses and their Creditors

No. 22: Whether Puerto Rico’s Exclusion from Chapter 9 is Non-Uniform Within the Meaning of the Bankruptcy Clause of the United States Constitution

No. 23: May a Bankruptcy Court May Permanently Disbar an Attorney from Practicing Before its District?

No. 24: Duty to Advise of the Legal Risks from Business Transactions

No. 25: Creditor and Debtor Burdens When Confirming a Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan

No. 26: Can a Consumer Debtor Voluntarily Dismiss Own Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case?