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Public Interest Fellowship

Public Interest Fellowships may be awarded to qualified first or second year law students for full time summer positions with non-profit organizations representing traditionally underrepresented clients, groups, or interests. To be eligible, students must show a demonstrated commitment to public interest law and public service prior to and while attending law school, and be an active participant in the SBA’s Public Interest Committee’s activities. The amount of the stipend and the number of Fellowships awarded will vary each year, based on the available funds. 

Alumni Fellowship Program

Challenging economic times can give rise to great opportunities and innovative solutions. While today's law school graduates face a tough job market, many law firms lack the resources they need to staff and grow their business. Aiming to address these problems with a mutually beneficial solution for our alumni and students, the Law School initiated the Alumni Fellowship Program.

How the Program Works
Administered by the Career Development Office (CDO), the Alumni Fellowship Program matches graduating law students with Law School alumni who employ them for one year, from early September through the end of August. Prospective employers sign up for the Program, specifying the position's hours (suggested minimum of 20/week), salary (minimum of $15/hour) and requirements. Qualifying students then apply for the fellowships. Employers can ask CDO to assign fellows to them according to their hiring requirements, or they can review applications and select fellows on their own. Although they have no commitment to the student fellows beyond the fellowship year, employers are free to hire them on a permanent basis. If a fellow finds a permanent position during the fellowship, the employer may select a replacement fellow from a waiting list to complete the fellowship term.

Program Benefits
The Alumni Fellowship Program is designed for the mutual benefit of the Law School's alumni practitioners and graduating students.

Alumni Employers:

  • Set salary and hours at or above the prescribed minimum
  • Gain a rising attorney without committing resources to a permanent position
  • Have the opportunity to make a long-term hiring decision based on first-hand knowledge of the candidate's skills and professional demeanor

Graduating Students:

  • Secure post-graduate legal employment
  • Develop legal skills and a portfolio of substantive work that position them to secure long-term legal employment
  • Network with practicing attorneys regularly
  • Join the Program

To participate in the Alumni Fellowship Program, please complete and return the program registration form as soon as possible. If you have questions about the Alumni Fellowship Program, please contact Helena Quinn, Associate Director of Employer Relations, at [email protected] or 718-990-6614.

Pro Bono Service Project

The Pro Bono Service Project was developed in furtherance of the principle that members of the legal profession and those aspiring to enter the legal profession have a special professional responsibility to assist in providing quality legal services to those who cannot afford it. Through the Pro Bono Service Project, St. John's School of Law challenges all law students in good academic standing to pledge at least 30 hours of law-related volunteer work before they graduate. 

A Public Service Award is given at Commencement to those students who have completed at least 500 hours of qualifying service. Students who demonstrate an exceptional level of pro bono service, including dedicated service to specific pro bono projects (including student-run programs), will be eligible for additional awards at Commencement. The Pro Bono Service Project will adopt the same definition of pro bono as the New York Court of Appeals in 22 NYCRR 520.16.