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Student Testimonials

“The clinic provided me with the opportunity to apply the legal knowledge and skills I have obtained from class in a practical setting.  It was especially rewarding to gain this experience while assisting low-income clients in a community service setting.  The clinic reinforced my understanding of how integral an individual’s immigration status is to his sense of self and hopes for the future.”

“Working as a legal intern at the Bridge to Justice Clinic was the single most invaluable experience of my law school career. It transported me from the classroom life of casebooks and hornbooks and into the real life experiences of the immigrant community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to become a part of such a wonderful experience because the clinic developed a kaleidoscope of my skills that were not utilized in the classroom setting. Essentially, I learned how to communicate effectively with clients, in such a way that they trusted me enough to open up to me and provide me with the necessary information to help them. I had the opportunity to interview clients, diagnose their individual issues and try to resolve their immigration related problems. I am grateful that I had this experience!”