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Introduction to Law Course

To prepare entering students for the scope and rigor of the legal program at a premier New York law school, we have instituted a highly innovative first-semester course entitled Introduction to Law. It begins before other classes and is a two week intensive course.  It includes instruction on how to read and brief cases to give first-year law students a footing to traverse the unfamiliar ground of a legal education.

As one of New York’s top law schools, we have a comprehensive commitment to enhancing the experience of first-year law students. The introduction to law course’s components include:

Case Analysis
You will explore the significance judges give precedent in making their decisions as well as examine changes and developments in the law in light of new circumstances and the evolution in legal thinking.

Statutory Analysis
You will examine the approach taken to read and interpret statutes, referring when necessary to legislative history and legal maxims.

Legal Writing
You will complete several writing assignments dealing with case analysis and statutory construction.

The course is complimented by the Legal Analysis and Writing course, which includes instruction in legal research (traditional and computerized), the preparation of a memorandum of law, and an appellate brief and the presentation of an appellate oral argument (moot court).