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Diversity and Inclusion

Since welcoming our very first class in downtown Brooklyn in 1925, St. John’s Law has opened its doors to the underserved of their time—whether immigrants, women, or members of racial, ethnic, or religious minorities.

Pre-Law Magazine recognizes St. John's University School of Law as one of the most diverse law schools in its Winter 2017 edition!

That founding mission of embracing difference and fostering inclusion in the legal profession endures as our living mission.

We offer our students a range of opportunities to engage in issues of social justice, to uplift New York City’s poor and needy, and to serve those who have been underrepresented traditionally.

These opportunities run through our curriculum, which teaches the fundamentals of the law along with practical lawyering skills. Students in the Law School’s 10 in-house and partner clinics work on real cases representing elderly victims of mortgage fraud; helping clients secure public benefits; serving as attorneys for abused and neglected children; and seeking asylum for refugees, among other assistance offered to our community’s neediest.

Student Organizations
Walk through our doors and you’ll find a student body that hails from 25 different countries. Many of our students are multi-lingual, and all feel at home in an environment that celebrates the diversity that’s been a hallmark of St. John’s Law from the start.

The Law School’s student organizations provide students with valuable opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the law and to build networks of advisors, mentors, and colleagues. There are student organizations devoted to a wide range of interests, from background heritage affinities to legal practice areas and issues advocacy and awareness. They host events and gatherings throughout the school year where students network with alumni and practitioners.

Ron Brown Center for Civil Rights
The Law School’s Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights offers our students another avenue for exploring the intersection of the law and social justice. Since 1999, the center has conducted legal studies, research, and outreach on matters that affect the rights of underrepresented people.

Its award-winning pipeline program, the Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program for College Students, helps students from traditionally underrepresented groups—who are often the first in their families to attend college—apply to law school and pursue legal careers.

The Prep Program is one of several path-breaking initiatives the center sponsors to increase the pool of students of color in law schools, to teach law students how to be leaders in social justice, and to support lawyers of color pursuing careers in academia.

“The Ron Brown Center focuses on the twin goals of diversity and equality in all the work we do,” says Professor Elaine M. Chiu, the center’s director. “From conferences addressing critical issues of the day, to our student-run Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development and Coalition for Social Justice, to internships and practicum in civil rights, we strive to provide students with meaningful opportunities to effectuate real change.”

Animating its commitment to diversity and inclusion, St. John’s Law awards full-tuition scholarships to deserving, incoming first-year students. Our Ron Brown Scholars come to St. John’s with an active interest in civil rights and participate in honors workshops and other special initiatives during their time in law school.

A Vibrant Community
Our historical mission, along with our location in Queens, New York, results in a community of learners that is reflective of the world's diverse populations.  And within this vibrant community, knowledge, scholarship and service come alive every day in ways that simply would not be possible absent this rich diversity.

Contact Us
To learn more about the Law School’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, contact the Office of Admissions at [email protected] or (718) 990-6474.

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