Admiralty Practicum

The Admiralty Practicum is a publication of the Law School’s Joseph A. Calamari Admiralty Law Society, which was founded in 1975 to inform students about the field of admiralty law and to help them network with alumni who practice in the field. Published twice a year and distributed to prominent admiralty practitioners in New York, the journal highlights landmark cases and major changes in admiralty and maritime law.


Membership on the Admiralty Practicum is open to all students who are interested in admiralty law or who have the desire to write for a student journal. As journal members, students will craft a case summary on a recent admiralty law case that touches on various legal issues in the field. Student editors and staff have complete control over the journal editing process.

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To learn more about the Admiralty Practicum, the Joseph A. Calamari Admiralty Law Society, and our initiatives, please contact us at:

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