Bankruptcy Research Library 2021

No. 1 ​​​ Two Approaches for Evaluating a Debtor’s “Additional Circumstance” Under the Brunner Test to Qualify for a Hardship Discharge of Student Loan Debt

No. 2  The Differing Standards to Obtain a Student Loan Debt Discharge

No.3  The Debtor’s Absolute Right to Dismiss a Chapter 13 Case

No. 4  Enforcing Make Whole Premiums in Bankruptcy

No. 5  Unqualified Student Loans are Likely Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

No. 6  Bankruptcy Debtors are Ineligible for PPP Loans

No. 7  Standing to Challenge Bankruptcy Court’s Approval of Retiree Benefits Settlement

No. 8  Bankruptcy Courts are Divided on Reducing a Debtor’s Obligation to Pay Rent When Government Regulations Restrict a Debtor’s Ability to Generate Income

No. 9  Impact of Covid-19 on Debtor’s Obligations to Comply with Duties to Pay Rent

No. 10  Evaluating the Availability of an Income-Driven Repayment Plan Under the Two Doctrinal Tests for Undue Hardship

No. 11  Ability of the EEOC to Litigate for Compensation on Behalf of a Specific Individual Despite Automatic Stay

No. 12  Financial Advisory Firms Whose Affiliate’s Employees Served as Independent Officers or Directors of the Debtor Prepetition Should Be Retained Under Section 327(a) of the Bankruptcy Code

No. 13  A Bankruptcy Court May Temporarily Suspend Rent Obligation

No. 14  A Receiver Lacks Standing to Recover Fraudulent Transfers under UFTA when Corporation has not been Adequately Cleansed from Fraudulent Actions of Ponzi Schemers

No. 15  Did the Consolidated Appropriations Act Make Bankruptcy Debtors Eligible for PPP Loans?

No. 16  Qualifications and Standards: What Courts Require to Hold a Statement as a Judicial Admission

No. 17  Bankruptcy Debtor Eligibility for Federal Coronavirus Aid under the CARES Act

No. 18  Section 1112(b) of the Bankruptcy Code Allows a Bankruptcy Court to Dismiss a Case Filed in Bad Faith

No. 19  Mandatory Abstention is Required when Foreign Law Claims are Brought in Conjunction with State Law Claims

No. 20  The Debtor’s Conduct at the Time of Filing Controls in Determining Whether a Debtor is Eligible to Convert Their Existing Case to a Case under Subchapter V of the Bankruptcy Code

No. 21  Do Parents Receive Reasonably Equivalent Value for Paying College Tuition for their Children Making Such Payments Avoidable

No. 22  Timing and Location of COMI Determined at the Timing of Filing Chapter 15 Petition

No. 23  How Courts in the Second Circuit Decide on a Stay Pending Appeal in Bankruptcy Actions

No. 24  City’s Retention of Impounded Vehicle Not Violation of Automatic Stay