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Armed Forces Society

The Armed Forces Student Bar Association (AFSBA) is a student run organization open to all who wish to recognize and honor those who have served the United States of America. There are no prerequisites for membership. Prior military experience is not required.

The primary purpose of AFSBA is to provide support and information to law students who are:

  • Currently affiliated with the Armed Forces
  • Previously a service member of the Armed Forces
  • Interested in becoming a service member of the Armed Forces
  • Interested in a legal career advocating for the rights and causes of current and former service members
  • Interested in the study the interface between the military, the government, and the legal system

The AFSBA strives to support an informal setting outside of the classroom where these students may share information, ideas, problems and camaraderie. The AFSBA is open to all St. John’s Law School Students regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Annual activities include:

  • Care package drives for overseas service members
  • 5K Fundraiser in conjunction with the Animal Rights SBA
  • Holiday Dinner

Faculty Advisor
Andrew J. Simons