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Externship Seminar Description

This description applies for the General Externship Seminar, the Summer Externship Seminar, and the Advanced Externship Seminar.

The Externship Seminar provides students who are participating in an externship with additional information about and training in the following skills:

  • Interviewing and counseling
  • Fact investigation and evaluation
  • Drafting Legal Correspondence
  • Writing and Presenting a practice-oriented bar journal paper
  • Oral presentation
  • Negotiations
  • Persuasive Speaking/Argument

The focus is to assist students in developing basic lawyering skills beneficial to every attorney upon completing law school. The course will help students further understand the attorney-client relationship, the attorney’s role, ethics, confidentiality, professionalism and the workplace environment.

The general seminar meets for 2 hours each week for 13 weeks (7 weeks in the summer). The Advanced Seminar meets every other week. The first 30 minutes of class is dedicated to reflection where students will share their experiences in their externship placements.  The remaining time is dedicated to a discussion of skills and additional training through exercises and feedback.

In the General and Advanced Seminars, students are required to complete a paper that is either scholarly or of the type that would appear in a practice-oriented bar-type journal and which cannot duplicate work the student has produced at the placement.  Students must also orally present their paper to the class.  During the semester, students will complete practice writing assignments which include, among other things, drafting legal documents.  Students will also participate in in-class exercises involving topics such as interviewing, counseling, and fact-investigation.