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St. John's Law Marketing and Communications

What We Do
The Office of Marketing and Communications at St. John's Law helps departments, faculty, and students share news and information about their initiatives, programs, and achievements with our external audiences. Working across communications channels we:

Resources for Reporters
We culled the following information to assist members of the news media seeking faculty expertise or general information about St. John’s School of Law:

St. John's Law Blogs
Here are blogs that St. John's Law faculty members produce or contribute to:

Scholarship Repository
The St. John's Law Scholarship Repository provides a centralized, online forum for the free and public distribution of the Law School's scholarly output.

Social Media
St. John's Law has four official social media sites:

Contact Us 

Assistant Dean for Marketing and Communications
Trent Anderson
[email protected]

Director of Communications
Lori Herz
[email protected]

Graphic Designer
John Inzetta
[email protected]

Marketing Specialist
Christine Patrizzo
[email protected]