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* The Spring 2018 program has been postponed *

Below is a recap of our past program:

Spring 2017 Dean's International Opportunities Program

At St John’s we value our students’ unfaltering commitment to success, and in an effort to congratulate you on your academic achievements, we are not only offering you an opportunity of a lifetime, but we are picking up much of the tab on the “abroad” portion as well!

As one of our best and brightest students in the School of Education, we are inviting you to immerse yourself and experience Seville as you never thought possible. The Dean of the School of Education, Michael Sampson, Ph.D. , is excited to announce the spring 2017 Dean’s International Opportunities Program where 25 carefully selected SOE juniors and eligible seniors* will have the chance to spend one week in Seville, Spain taking part in a hands-on exploration where you will visit many of the city's great historical and cultural landmarks while studying the operational point of view on language acquisition and literacy development. Aside from academic experience at the center of this highly competitive program, the best part is, students selected to participate in the program will only be required to pay a $500 program fee and their airfare to and from Seville – nearly all other expenses are funded by the University in recognition of your academic success. NB: Tuition for undergraduate students will be included in your normal semester tuition bill as long as you meet full-time student status (12 to 18 credits). Graduate students will be billed separately for tuition and fees based on the prevailing cost of tuition for their designated college.

* SOE seniors that need EDU 1041

Course Offering

EDU 1041: First & Second Language Acquisition & Literary Development (1-6)*
This course provides students with an operational perspective on language acquisition and literacy development of native English language learners and those for whom English is a second language. The sociological, linguistic, and developmental context of language arts learning is emphasized. Reading and language arts are approached: a) as cognitive developmental process; b) as integrated and interrelated; c) as occurring within a social context and; d) as vital for success in school and life. Students are exposed to curriculum development and instructional planning using various teacher communication modes as well as a variety of teaching methods that promote skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, appropriate field experiences are required to integrate educational theory and practice. Credits: 3 semester hours. Fieldwork required.

Be sure to speak with your academic advisor and with the Office of Student Financial Services to confirm that the course attached to the Dean’s International Opportunities Program course does not cause you to exceed the overall credits required for your degree.  If it does, you may be charged additional tuition without receiving extra financial aid.

If you have already taken EDU 1041 and are interested in going please contact Bernadette Zacharuk @ 718-990-2664 for other opinions

Just added:

Graduate Course: EDU 9003: Literacy Development for First and Second Language Learners*

This course Provides students with theory and practice and necessary knowledge and skills for teaching literacy and language arts to monolingual and linguistically/culturally diverse learners. Field work required. Credit: 3 semester hours

Faculty Leader: Michael Sampson, Ph.D., Dean and Professor  – School of Education

*Upon return from Europe, the course will continue as an online course through the spring 2017 semester.

Quick Facts

Eligibility Requirements: Undergraduate School of Ed juniors and eligible seniors* with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Graduate students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. The program is open to all majors in St. John’s University with the permission of your advisor or dean.

* SOE seniors that need EDU 1041

Anticipated Travel Dates:  January 9 - January 16, 2017 (7 nights)

Costs: Students are responsible for a $500 program fee, cost of roundtrip airfare, and standard tuition, plus any incidental costs (i.e. some meals, souvenirs, etc.). Graduate students will be billed separately for tuition and fees based on the prevailing cost of tuition for their designated college.

** YOU may be eligible for a SCHOLARSHIP! Eligibility Conditions are: The first 15 qualifying undergraduate and first 15 qualifying graduate School of Education students to deposit and confirm their participation into the 2017 School of Education Dean’s International Opportunities Program, may be eligible for a $500 scholarship which would cover the full program fee!!**

Application Deadline: October 3rd!  

Group Flight: TBA – Please do not purchase airfare until your program has been confirmed to run

Mandatory site-specific pre-departure orientation: TBA

Passport Requirement: All students will need a passport that is valid through July 10, 2017

Visa Requirement: A visa is NOT required for students who are US citizens. Non-US citizens should make an appointment with the Office of Global Studies to determine if a visa required and learn how to apply.

For more information about this exciting program, please contact the Office of Global Studies or Anna Torres, Project Analyst, Office of Global Studies.