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Rome, Italy

Summer Session II: Art History, International Business and Summer Internships in Italy

Explore Rome, one of the cradles of western civilization and among the most vibrant cities on earth!

History comes alive and the city of Rome becomes your geographical classroom as you experience the historical beauty and lasting power of Italian art and architecture or deepen your understanding of international business in theis world city. Students with advanced language skills may also be placed in an international internship related to their field of study.  These courses are designed to introduce students to historic place of Rome through its commerce, its art and architecture.

Art students will study the artistic legacies of Rom from its roots in antiquity through the baroque. Thsi course is designed to give students an understanding of the role of art within one of the oldest and artistically richest cites in the world.  Whether you’re taking in the grandiosity of the Coliseum, the intricate work of Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel, or the theatrical baroque structures throughout the city, your artistic appetite will be more than satisfied. Through site visits and complementary readings and discussions, students study monuments of architecture, painting and sculpture. Students learn about the life of Rome’s contemporary citizens and how they relate to the city’s historical context and contemporary urban fabric and will become acquainted with the Roman artists and artisans that have had an enduring impact on international art, architecture and culture. 

Business students will explore the similarities and differences in international business management functions, process and structures as related to the changing cultural, social, economic and political environment.  The changes in management philosophis and practices as well as their adaptation to fit the political conditions in different countries will also be considered.  Please note: IB students are responsible for a 10-euro activity fee on site.

Program dates: July 6 – August 4, 2018 – Summer Session II

Undergraduate Courses:

Faculty Directors:

  • Dr. Annalisa Saccà, PhD, Professor of Languages and Literature (Italian 1010C and Internships)
  • Professor Liz DeLunaAssociate Professor of Art and Design (ART 3010) 
  • Nicolo Tartaglia, Adjunct Professor of Business (IB 3341)

Professor Liz DeLuna teaches undergraduate courses in graphic design, typography and motion graphics in the St. John's College Department of Art & Design. She has traveled Italy from north to south, and has been teaching Summer Sessions in Rome since 2009. Liz is passionate about Italian art, architecture, culture, language and food. Join her in the Rome classroom and on weekly site visits to experience the spirit and culture of Italy, with an occasional visit to an authentic market or shop for a conversation in Italian with the locals.

Dr. Annalisa Sacca’s areas of specialization include Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature, Film and Cultural Studies.  She has developed numerous courses to enhance the Italian program and has published four books of her poetry: Gli occhi di mia madre, Dove non è mai sera, Nominare Delfi, Il tempo del grano.  Dr. Sacca` founded the Center for Global Development and developed a Master in Global development and Social Justice, in collaboration with Unicaritas of Rome. She has been awarded six grants, including one to develop an undergraduate Major in Global Development and Sustainability.  Among her academic awards and honors, she treasures the Professor of the Year Award, the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, the Pacem in Terris" (Peace on Earth) from the Istituto Universitario internazionale, "Sapientia Mundi" in Rome, and being a member of the Academy of Parnassos in Athens (Greece), one of the most prestigious and oldest literary society for poets is in the world..

Program Fee: The Summer 2018 program fees are as follows:

  • International Business or International Internship: $2060, not including round-trip airfare to Italy and summer course tuition.
  • Survey of Art & Architecture: $2880, not including round-trip airfare to Italy and summer course tuition.

Program Status:  Applications are now open!  Please click APPLY NOW for detailed instructions.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2018. 

Confirmation Deadline: March 22, 2018.  For instructions on how to confirm, please visit our Accepted Students page and follow the steps in #2.

Site-specific pre-departure orientation:  April 2018.  TBD

Cultural Mentoring Program dates:  Spring CMP dates will be announced shortly for March and April.