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Summer Session I in Italy

It's time to really learn why Rome wasn't built in a day!

Roman life and Italian language await you this summer! Instead of using a textbook to study Italian culture and language, why not go to the source and pay Italy a visit? Imagine strengthening your Italian language and intercultural communication skills as you order gelato from the very shops that made this creamy dessert so famous, or speaking with locals visiting Rome’s most fabled sites like the Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps and the Campo de Fiori.

Focus on Italian art and architecture through the lens of traditional Art and Craft of Italy, with visits to active studios and the opportunity to work with artisans using traditional materials and processes.  Learn how to make artwork using a variety of historically relevant materials including wood, plaster, stone, fresco and mosaics.  Each week you'll study the history, culture, architecture and how they relate to the specific crafts that the area is known for.  Students of all disciplines will discover how to explore art in historical context and as an integral part to Rome's contemporary urban fabric, gaining an understanding of the role of artistic production and expression as a tool for deeper learning.

With the City of Rome, you will be immersed in the culture of the Eternal City from the very first day: from its ancient origins to the modern metropolis it is today. Rome will be continually used as an open-air classroom as the entire breadth of this program is about on-the-ground exploration. Through each excursion you will learn first-hand how to leave the tourists far behind and discover the hidden beauty of the Italian capital with a professor whose greatest academic passion is Rome. Whether it's hanging out in hipster districts, strolling through sumptuous villas or playing pickup basketball against local Romans, learn to translate your passions and fall in love with Rome.

The ancient city of Pompeii will be one of your stops along the historical route as you step back in time and explore the Emergence of Modern Sport.  Discover the medieval roots of modern sport forms through the rites, rituals and religious celebrations that contributed to social activity that evolved into traditional ceremonies and, eventually, into the professional entities that have become a central component of current-day entertainment. as you gain cross-cultural experience through building working relationships with partners overseas.  Participants will gain cross-cultural experience through building working relationships with partners overseas and direct hands-on experience in organizing sporting events at the international level.

Program Dates: June 1 to June 30, 2018 - Summer Session I

Courses (click on the course for the syllabus):

Faculty Directors:

  • Dr. Annalisa Saccà, PhD, Professor of Languages and Literature (Italian 1010C and Internships)
  • Professor Liz DeLuna, Associate Professor of Art and Design (ART 3010) 
  • Douglas CantelmoAdjunct Professor (ITA 3953) 
  • Anthony MissereAssociate Professor of Sport Management (SPM 2000A and SPG 403)
  • Rome adjunct faculty (other Italian language courses)

Professor Liz DeLuna teaches undergraduate courses in graphic design, typography and motion graphics in the St. John's College Department of Art & Design. She has traveled Italy from north to south, and has been teaching Summer Sessions in Rome since 2009. Liz is passionate about Italian art, architecture, culture, language and food. Join her in the Rome classroom and on weekly site visits to experience the spirit and culture of Italy, with an occasional visit to an authentic market or shop for a conversation in Italian with the locals.

Dr. Annalisa Sacca’s areas of specialization include Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature, Film and Cultural Studies.  She has developed numerous courses to enhance the Italian program and has published four books of her poetry: Gli occhi di mia madre, Dove non è mai sera, Nominare Delfi, Il tempo del grano.  Dr. Sacca` founded the Center for Global Development and developed a Master in Global development and Social Justice, in collaboration with Unicaritas of Rome. She has been awarded six grants, including one to develop an undergraduate Major in Global Development and Sustainability.  Among her academic awards and honors, she treasures the Professor of the Year Award, the Ellis Island Congressional Medal of Honor, the Pacem in Terris" (Peace on Earth) from the Istituto Universitario internazionale, "Sapientia Mundi" in Rome, and being a member of the Academy of Parnassos in Athens (Greece), one of the most prestigious and oldest literary society for poets is in the world.

Rome is Professor Cantelmo’s greatest academic passion without exception, having traveled there almost a dozen times as a St. John’s University student or professor since 2006. His research focuses on how the remaking of urban space has affected Roman life throughout the centuries. Since his first visit to Rome he has made countless friendships and considers the city his second home. He utilizes all he knows and all the local contacts he’s gathered to provide his students with a truly unforgettable experience in the Eternal City. 

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Program-Specific Pre-Departure Orientation: All confirmed students will be required to attend the pre-departure orienation in mid- to late-April.  TBD.

Cultural Mentoring Program: All Global Studies participants must complete one cultural mentoring workshop where you will have an opportunity to set your personal objectives for your time abroad and reflect what role the dirfferences in culture will have on your stay.  March and April dates will be available shortly.