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Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba
Cuba from Within

“Going to Cuba added a whole other level to my college experience. Being able to experience the Cuban culture enhanced my knowledge of the country thanks to the various sites we visited as well as our tour guide. I developed a greater sense of independence and learned not be scared to try new things. Also, being away for 2 weeks allowed me to organize my life and goals. This time abroad provided me with time to reflect and also gave me a reality check. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have visited this amazing country and to have met some of its people.”
- Lesly Vivar, Tobin College of Business, Business Management '18

Experience the vitality and rich history of our newly opened Caribbean neighbor!

Explore the rich cultural history of vibrant Cuba, one of the United States’ closest neighbors but a territory that has been inaccessible to most US citizens for more than half a century. Students will examine the recent transitions of contemporary Cuban society through reflection on the Cuban Revolution and the substantial effect it had on the country’s arts, literature, music, theatre, and sciences. The program will reside in Havana and include workshops with well-known Cuban scholars and artists, as well as guided field trips to Pinar del Rio, Matanzas, and Varadero.

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Program dates: January 4 – 15, 2018

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Undergraduate Courses:

  • SPA 4990A: Cuban Culture, History, Politics, Art, and Literature (offered in Spanish or English)
  • LAC 1000C: Language and Culture in Cuba

Graduate Courses:

  • SPA 306: Seminar on Cuban Literature, Culture, and Art

Faculty Director:
Alina Camacho-Gingerich, Ph.D.: [email protected]

Dr. Alina Camacho-Gingerich is the Director of the Center for Latin American and Carribean Culture (CLACS) and a Professor in the Department of Languages and Literatures.  She is a leading scholar on Latin American Literature, civilization and Latino studies and has been the recipient of numerous professional awards and recognitions, including the Simon Bolivar Medal.  A specialist in Cuban literature, as well, Dr. Camacho-Gingerich was selected as one of four Advisory Board Members for a delegation of U.S. universities that traveled to Cuba in October 2015 as part of the Institute for International Education’s Cuba Higher Education Initiative.  She has directed Global Studies programs to Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Argentina.

Status: This program has been postponed to 2019.