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The Galápagos Islands

Island Biogeography

Infuse some global adventure into your biology studies!  

The Galápagos Islands, an archipelago of 19 volcanic islands located about 600 miles from the coast of Ecuador, featured prominently in Charles Darwin’s development of the theory of evolution.  Known for their array of endemic species, the islands today remain an exceptional site for observing and understanding evolutionary biology. What a treat it is, then, for budding biologists to study evolution and ecology on a series of islands along the equator with such an impressive collection of wildlife!  The island portion of the program will be complemented with visits to sites in the subtropical Andes mountains, including the rainforest and cloudforest, in order to help illustrate the broad overlap between evolution and ecology.  And participants will have the opportunity to (literally) stand with one foot on each side of the equator!

Semester Term: Fall 2015

Travel Dates: January 1 – 11, 2016 *NEW DATES!*

Course: BIO 2859: Island Biogeography (3 credits)
     Pre-requisites: BIO 1000 and sophomore standing 

Faculty Director:

Christopher Bazinet, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Program Fee: $5,100 (airfare not included) plus tuition

Application Deadline: April 8, 2015

Status: Program is running.

Site-specific pre-departure orientation: in class

Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Workshop:
            Saturday, November 14th from 10 to 11:30am (MAR 328)