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Spring 2018 Dean's International Opportunities Program

At St John’s we value our students’ unfaltering commitment to success, and in an effort to congratulate you on your academic achievements, we are not only offering you an opportunity of a lifetime, but we are picking up much of the tab on the “abroad” portion as well!

As one of our best and brightest students in the College of Professional Studies, we are inviting you to immerse yourself in all things Roman, and in doing so, experience Rome as you never thought possible. The Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Katia Passerini, Ph.D., is excited to announce the spring 2018 Dean’s International Opportunities Program where 25 carefully selected CPS seniors and graduate students will have the chance to spend one week in Rome, Italy taking part in a hands-on exploration of the “Eternal City.” The program is specially designed to offer CPS students an opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy while taking part in a hands-on sports management exploration where you will visit the Foro Italico and many of the city's great historical and cultural landmarks such as the Coliseum, Vatican, and more!

Aside from academic experience at the center of this highly competitive program, the best part is, students selected to participate in the program will only be required to pay a $500 program fee and their airfare to and from Rome – nearly all other expenses are funded by the scholarship.

*NB: Tuition for undergraduate students will be included in your normal semester tuition bill as long as you meet full-time student status (12 to 18 credits). Graduate students will be billed separately for tuition and fees based on the prevailing cost of tuition for their designated college.

The program is open to all majors in the College of Professional Studies with the permission of your advisor or dean.

NEWLY REVISED Undergraduate Course Offering:  

SPM 1060: Strategic Management in Sport (3 Credits)*

Sports is a global enterprise generating billions of dollars in annual revenues. This course explores the basic concepts of strategic business management as they relate sport organizations. Students will be exposed to various methods of strategic planning, techniques of effective decision making, ways of understanding and measuring organizational effectiveness, how the environment affects sport organizations, procedures which promote effective leadership, and how to best manage change within a sport organization.  With the first week of the course being held on the Rome campus, particular attention will be focused on the differences between the North American and European models of sport and how those differences can affect business strategy. The business models of the clubs that participate in the four top football leagues in Europe – The Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and Serie A – will receive special attention during the class, as will the way in the which European football leagues collaborate to produce the UEFA Champions League.

Catalog description: A survey of the basic concepts of strategic management as they relate to the sport industry. Topics include strategic planning, decision making, measuring organizational effectiveness, technological adaptation, effective leadership, and managing change. An intensive cross-cultural experience in international sport will be offered during the one week stay on Rome Campus. This includes educational tours to international sport organizations, facilities, institutions of higher education, and sporting events to enhance students’ understanding of international sport governance and operational practices. The international experience will be combined with a semester long in class analysis of pressing contemporary issues challenging both the field of sport management and society at large.

*Upon return from Europe, SPM 1060 will continue as an online course through the spring 2018 semester.

Faculty Leader: Glenn Gerstner – Associate Dean for Academics and Assessment; Associate Professor, Sport Management

Graduate Course Offering:  

SPG 312 – Seminar in Sport Management (3 Credits)**

Graduate students will spend the week in Rome in the same classroom with undergraduate students taking SPM 1060. You will be expected to work along with the undergraduates, and in some cases mentoring them and leading group work, as we explore the economics of sport. When class resumes on the Queens campus, you will be given credit for the assignments and activities completed in Rome and excused from selected assignments later in the class.

Catalog description: Usually taken in the last semester of study, the seminar is the capstone course in the graduate sport management program. The course integrates material from previous courses and requires each student to prepare a comprehensive analysis of a significant case, problem, or policy dilemma in sport management.

**Upon return from Europe, SPM 312 will continue as a traditional face-to-face class meeting on Monday evenings at 5 pm on SJU’s Queens Campus through the spring 2018 semester.

Faculty Leader: Glenn Gerstner – Associate Dean for Academics and Assessment; Associate Professor, Sport Management

Don’t forget: Hang onto this course for the spring 2018 term if you are interested in applying.

Important Note: Be sure to speak with your academic advisor and with the Office of Student Financial Services to confirm that the course attached to the Dean’s International Opportunities Program course does not cause you to exceed the overall credits required for your degree to avoid additional tuition without receiving extra financial aid.

Quick Facts

Eligibility Requirements: Undergraduate seniors must be slated for May 2018 graduation with at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The program is open to all majors in St. John’s University with the permission of your advisor or dean. Graduate students must have completed at least 24 credits in the MPS in Sport Management degree program as of January 2018.

Anticipated Travel Dates: January 4 – January 11, 2018 (7 nights)

(Please note: students will arrive in Rome on January 4 and will likely need to travel one day before the arrival date).

*Updated Application Deadline: September 22

Mandatory Orientations:

Site-specific Orientation -  Monday, October 30th at 4:00-5:00pm. Location: DAC 401

- and -

Cultural Mentorship Workshop - There are three sessions to choose from, and you may attend any one:

  • Monday, October 23rd from 1:50pm – 3:15pm in DAC 307
  • Thursday, October 26th from 1:50pm – 3:15pm in DAC 307
  • Saturday, November 4th from 10:00am – 11:30am in DAC 306

Visa Requirement: A visa is NOT required for students who are US citizens. Non-US citizens should make an appointment with the Office of Global Studies to determine if a visa required and learn how to apply.

For more information about this exciting program, please contact the Office of Global Studies or Anna Torres, Project Analyst, Office of Global Studies.