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Semester Program & Food


Everybody likes to eat… and what better way to engage local culture than food?

We’re sure you’ve already thought about this, but eating abroad is an essential way to engage and understand your new host country (or countries). While you’re abroad, we expect you to try new foods, early and often, some of which will fall outside your “culinary comfort zone.” How might you do this? Ultimately, it’s your call. You might want to start gradually by tasting a staple you’re familiar with that’s prepared differently in your new country. Over time, you may become so adventurous that your new “faves” include escargot, boxty or cinghiale! (Don’t know them? Start your culinary exploration today by looking them up.) Some important notes:

  • Our semester meal program won’t mirror a traditional “meal plan” on campus. It’s intended to be the starting point for your exploration of food rather than a comprehensive solution for all your meals. After all, study abroad is about exploration!
  • We’ve designed the program to give you roughly 4 breakfasts + 4 other meals per week, on average. How we do that varies by city—something we hope you enjoy! We also know that many students travel on extended weekends, so we limit the meal program to ensure you’re not paying for food you won’t be able to eat.
  • The food—and the times when you eat it—will be different. The goal is to give you a taste of the local, and to make you comfortable getting out into the city on your own.
  • Each city is different. In some, we provide more of a “meal allowance” to get you into the city from your first moments; in others, we actually have a cafeteria on campus. Click the city info below for more details.
  • Let us know if you have dietary restrictions. We can’t promise that a gluten-intolerant vegan who hates vegetables will have an easy time in Italy, but we’ll do our best to help. So let us know in your health form, and once you arrive on site.