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Internships in Europe

St. John’s is proud to offer a broad range of internship opportunities at our locations in Paris and Rome.

In the past several years, dozens of students have enrolled in an international internship during their semester and summer programs in Paris & Rome

Interested students may expect to hold positions in government offices, local universities, private companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Please note that the primary purpose of the internship is language acquisition and intercultural competence; placement options may be limited, so it may not always be possible to place students at locations of their professional interest.  All of our international internships are unpaid, due to international hiring laws.

Students in the international internship program will work under the direct guidance of a supervisor from the sponsoring organization as well as the Faculty Coordinator from St. John's.  The supervisor may ask to visit the student at the job site at the convenience of the sponsoring organization and will complete an evaluation form at the end of the internship.

The Faculty Coordinator will contact students within one week of arrival to discuss progress, and will also maintain contact the interns’ on-site supervisors in orde to ensure the quality of the experience.

For detailed instructions as well as the course syllabus, please read the information below.  If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the application process, please contact us for assistance.