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Discovery Italy: Pharmacy Sixth Year Program

The perfect opportunity to experience Rome and gain global experience before you graduate!

This unique program is an extraordinary opportunity for sixth year Pharmacy students to take part in a four-week program during the fall semester while staying on track for your Pharmacy degree! This program will take you to Rome, Italy for four weeks during the fall semester as part of your regular four-week rotations. In this time you will have the opportunity to experience European culture and politics, while allowing you to pursue your regular Pharmacy coursework. Through our academic offerings and service activities, you'll encounter extraordinary opportunities to engage with the people and cultures of modern Europe. Above all, you'll build a stronger academic portfolio by living and learning abroad. Our vibrant academics and onsite learning are the hallmarks of Global Studies Programs.

The Rome option will allow you to complete a rotation on a Friday in New York, then travel to Rome over the weekend and start your Rome coursework on the following Tuesday. After completion of the Rome module, you will be able to return over the weekend and begin your next rotation on the following Monday. If you schedule your rotations so that you have a “free" period either before or after the scheduled class in Rome, you will be able to remain in Europe traveling and enjoying the region. Upon returning from Europe, you will be required to complete the rest of your coursework. Please note your Dean will advise you accordingly.

Some of the most exciting learning experiences will take place outside the classroom. Celebrate mass at St. Peter's or travel on weekends. Classes are generally scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with service opportunities and trips scheduled Monday and Friday. Spend the weekend studying, traveling and discovering the country on your own.

This special program includes a tour of historic pharmacies throughout Rome as well as organized activities and service programs especially designed for pharmacy students.

Fall 2018 Courses

  • Rotation 1 – September 3 – 28, 2018 (Period 5) CPP 6111 – Pharmacotherapy of Psychiatric Disorders
    Dr. Farah Khorassani
  • Rotation 2 – October 1 – 26, 2018 (Period 6) CPP 6116 – Vincentian Healthcare
    Dr. John Conry

Credits: Each course is 3 credits. Please note: these courses will be part of your fall semester course load. Students will return to the Queens campus to complete their remaining coursework. 

Status: Applications are now open!  Interested students may apply via UIS.  Please hit APPLY NOW above.  

Accommodations: You will stay in the St. John’s Rome Campus residence. The campus is located in the Prati neighborhood, rich in history and beautiful architecture, just north of the Vatican in central Rome. The facility is located on the Lepanto subway line, just two streets from the building. While at Collegio Leoniano you will be able to walk to the Vatican, or take a short subway ride to the Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, or the Castel Sant’Angelo. Our campus combines old-world architectural elements with modern presentation technology. Classrooms are high tech with presentation ability, a fully-wired computer lab with printers for your use, a spacious meeting room, library and student lounge. Our bilingual staff, including a resident director and resident assistants will assist you with any needs. Room accommodations, include: two or three single beds, wardrobes and desks per room, linens are provided for your use for the duration of the program. Each room as an individual air conditioning unit and wireless broadband internet access. Showers, sinks and toilets shared per residence floor. 

Meals: Students will participate in the semester meal plan while living in Rome.

Program Fee: $2,490 (does NOT include airfare)

Please note: airfare is additional but the credits for this course will be included in your fall semester tuition.  

* This program is subject to appropriate enrollment. Although courses may be offered we need to maintain a minimum number of students to run this program. Should enrollment not be met this program may be canceled. We will notify students as soon as possible should this program be canceled. Students will not be held financially responsible if program has been canceled.

Attention 6th Year Pharmacy Students:

If you are having a problem applying online for one of the Pharmacy Sixth Year rotations please fill out a course option sheet for your desired course and period. Please have the course options sheet approved by Mr. Fahid and return completed documents to the Office of Global Studies (Queens campus Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall) or via e-mail at [email protected] or fax 718-990-2321. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of Global Studies at 718-990-6105.