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Academic Calendar

Spring 2018 Academic Calendar for Discover the World programs

January 16 (T)Arrival in First City (Housing Unavailable Before 1/16)
January 17 (W) - 19 (F)Mandatory Orientation
January 20 (S)Mandatory Orientation (Rome Only)
January 21 (Su)Free Day
January 22 (M)Module 1 Classes Begin
January 26 (F)Last Day to Add/Drop Module 1
February 6 (T)Module 1 Courses Withdraw/Pass-Fail Deadline
February 6 (T)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program (Rome and Paris)
February 7 (W)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program (Limerick)
February 16 (F)Class (Make-up for Travel Day)
February 21 (W)Module 1 Classes End
February 22 (Th)Travel to 2nd City (No Classes)
February 23 (F)Mandatory Orientation
February 24 (S)Mandatory Orientation (Rome Only)
February 25 (Su)Free Day
February 26 (M)Module 2 Classes Begin
March 2 (F)Last day to Add/Drop Module 2
March 2 (F)Classes in Limerick (Make-up for Bank Holiday)
March 9 (F)Class in all cities (Make-up for Travel Day)
March 12 (M)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program (Limerick)
March 13 (T)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program (Rome and Paris)
March 13 (T)Module 2 courses Withdraw/Pass-Fail deadline
March 16 (F)Class in all cities (Make-up for Easter Monday)
March 19 (M)Bank Holiday (No Classes in Limerick Only)
March 23 (F) - April 2 (M)Easter Break (No Classes)
April 3 (T)Classes Resume
April 4 (W)Module 2 Classes End
April 5 (Th)Travel to 3rd City (No Classes)
April 6 (F)Mandatory Orientation
April 7 (S)Mandatory Orientation (Rome Only)
April 9 (M)Module 3 Classes Begin
April 13 (F)Last day to Add/Drop Module 3
April 13 (F)Class in Rome (Make-up for Liberation Day)
April 20 (F)

Class in Rome (Make-up for April 26 semester trip)
Class in Paris (Make-up for May 10, Ascension Day)

April 23 (M)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program (Limerick)
April 24 (T)Module 3 Courses Withdraw/Pass-Fail Deadline
April 24 (T)Mandatory Cultural Mentoring Program (Rome and Paris)
April 25 (W)Liberation Day (No Classes in Rome Only)
April 26 (Th)No Class in Rome Only
April 27 (F)Class in Paris (Make-up for Labor Day)
May 1 (T)No class in Paris and Rome (Labor Day)
May 4 (F)Class in Paris and Limerick and Rome (Make-up Bank Holiday/WWII Victory Day/Labor Day)
May 7 (M)No Class in Limerick Only (Bank Holiday)
May 8 (T)No Class in Paris Only (WWII Victory Day)
May 9 (W)Module 3 Classes End in Paris
May 10 (Th)Module 3 Classes End in Limerick and Rome
May 11 (F)End of Program (Must Vacate Residence by 8 a.m.)