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Discover France: Paris Homestay

Through Host Families in Paris eligible students can pursue the homestay option, allowing more students the opportunity to experience “The City of Light!”

With a homestay, accommodation is arranged with host families who are carefully chosen for their integrity and the quality of accommodation which they provide.  What a great way to experience French culture, life, language, and cooking! 

To learn more about the homestay option or to take part in the homestay option, please contact our office, as well as see below for additional eligibility requirements.


Accommodations are provided in family apartments (or occasionally individual houses) that are reasonably spacious and have a single or double room furnished with a desk and storage space.  The bathroom and the kitchen are typically shared, common living spaces. In addition to this, students can expect to receive dinner through their host families from Monday through Thursday, and breakfast from Monday through Friday.

Metro tickets will be provided for students traveling to and from campus during the first week of the program. In the weeks and months that follow, students will then be responsible for purchasing their own Metro Tickets for travel to and from their homestay accommodations.

The Host Families

The host families live in Paris and have subscribed to become a member of the “Host Families in Paris” network. They were carefully selected because they have good-sized family housing, with at least one room reserved for hosting students. They also adhere to our homestay partner’s  Quality Charter, which defines the basic principles of quality hosting: reciprocal tolerance and mutual respect.   

The Host Families in Paris has a screening process that includes meeting, selecting, and visiting the families. During the “matching” process (i.e., when they pair students and families), Host Families in Paris takes into consideration the following: languages spoken, special diets, the family's life rhythm to be compared to yours, etc. For each home stay, they carefully select the most appropriate family for you. In the unlikely event that your family does not suit you, they will work with you to resolve differences or, in extreme cases, find an alternative home.

Interested in a homestay? Be sure to contact the Office of Global Studies no later than October 15th to be considered for the homestay option. 

Eligibility Requirements:  Students must be a participant in the Discover France: Paris Semester program and have completed 2 semesters of college level French.
*Please keep in mind that all students must schedule an appointment with our office prior to committing to the program. During the meeting, we will go over the program details and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have.

Additional Information

For more information on the placement and rules, please visit to the Host Families in Paris website. For details on the St. John’s process—even if you want to brainstorm whether a homestay may be right for you—feel free to contact us!