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Students who study on the Manhattan campus may choose to live in private residences, homestays, or apartment rentals near the Manhattan campus.

All off-campus housing options listed below are near public transportation. The commute to the Manhattan campus is approximately 20-40 minutes.



Students live in a private home or apartment with a New York City or New Jersey family. This type of accommodation is called a ‘homestay.’  Many students prefer home stays because they live with a New York City or New Jersey family. Homestays usually cost less than private residences.

  • Aunt Elsie’s Homestay

85 Raritan Avenue, Suite 500D Highland Park, NJ 08904

Phone Number: (201) 499-7847

Mobile Number: (732) 789-0779

[email protected]

  • Cost: $900-1100 per month
  • Meals Included: The host family will provide meals; breakfast and dinner during the week and on weekends, three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Application Fee: Waived for students in The Language Connection


  • American Homestay Network

Rachel Schwarcz: [email protected]

Mobile Number: 817-690-4544


  • Cost: $283-$349 per week with a 4-week minimum
  • Throughout New York City boroughs and in nearby New Jersey
  • Options with AHN include single rooms, 1 or 2 meals a day in private homes and residences that are a short bus or train ride away.
  • Application fee:  $300


Private Residences


Private residences offer dormitory-style living for New York City university students. Each private residence offers single or double rooms with fridges, 24-hour security, and special features. Special features may include communal kitchens, lounge areas, laundry, linens, Wifi, gym, and computers.

Private residences do not offer meals, but there are kitchens. Students can purchase food and cook their meals or purchase meals cheaply at any of the numerous nearby restaurants or delicatessens.


  • Apartment Rental


    Contact: [email protected].

    “CitySpade is a next-generation brokerage firm founded in 2015. Based in New York City, CitySpade consists of a group of energetic millennials who share the same passion for improving people's urban living.”

    ○ Address: 78 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

    ○ Phone: (917) 921-0570



University housing is available on the Queens campus. Accommodations include single, double, triple, or quad rooms. There are traditional dormitory-style residence and dining halls or apartment-style living quarters with individual kitchens.Click here for photos and details about housing on the Queens campus.


Additional information about non-univerisity housing can be found here.