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Endowed Scholarships

St. John's University Endowed Scholarships.

Endowing a scholarship is a unique and memorable way to recognize a loved one or someone who has made a significant difference in your life.  The minimum funding level for an endowed scholarship is $50,000, which can be established through a one-time gift or by making a pledge to the University.

Once you have reached the minimum funding level, you will receive an annual report from the Office of Donor Relations detailing the status of your scholarship and the scholarship recipients.  You will also receive letters of thanks from your recipients annually.


Many donors choose to leave the scholarships “unrestricted”, meaning the University has flexibility in awarding the endowment to students with the greatest financial need.  You may also choose to focus your endowment in a particular school or field of study, such as your college and/or major.  Criteria are broadly defined to assure that scholarships are awarded annually.  Here are a few ways to establish criteria:

  • By level (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
  • By grade point average (e.g., minimum G.P.A.  of 3.0)
  • By school (e.g., St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The Peter J. Tobin College of Business, etc.)
  • By major (e.g., English, math, finance, accounting)
  • By program participation (e.g., global studies, athletics)

Award process

Scholarship recipients are selected by the University’s Office of Financial Aid based on need and/or scholastic achievement and according to the donor’s wishes as stipulated in the Scholarship Agreement.

Naming your Scholarship

You may also choose to name your endowed funds for yourself or in honor or memory of a loved one.  Each grantor is asked to provide a brief bio on themselves and/or the person for whom the scholarship is named.  It helps to ensure the future recipients will be able to know the Grantor’s wishes.

Donors who establish scholarships impact the lives of students and help to secure the future of St. John’s!

More Information

Dionne Dorsey ’15G
Director of Donor Relations
Tel (718) 990-2128
[email protected]

Complete your scholarship application online by the October 30, 2017 deadline.