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St. John's University Phonathon

If you see 718-990-6161 come up on your caller I.D., it’s a call from St. John’s University that you don’t want to miss!

We’ve started a student centered initiative in which current St. John’s students call alumni and friends of the University to offer the latest information about what’s happening on campus. They’ll tell you a little about themselves and find out how St. John’s can be responsive to your needs and interests.

During the call you’ll have an opportunity to make a gift or pledge to support the program or area at the University that’s most important to you. It may be the School or College from which you graduated, the student activity or team you were a part of or anything else that you’d like to support. We’ll also offer you an opportunity to complete a brief follow-up online survey so that you can let us know how it went and offer further feedback about how we can serve you better.

Thanks for taking the call. Our students are looking forward to speaking with you.

More Information

Donald McKay
Phone Program Coordinator, Office of Annual Campaigns
Tel (718) 990-1816
[email protected]