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Graduate Program Content Request Form

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

This form provides the college marketing liaison with information that enables them to update your graduate program pages. There are six sections of content available for each program page. Common titles have been included below (Overview, Admission, Courses, Career, Opportunities, Additional Information, and Other). These titles can be changed. Please note if there are titles specific to a program, i.e., Research, Clinical Rotation, Global Component, etc.

Requester Information

Content Updates

Provide program overview, including what makes this program unique. Add specific information about department faculty's qualifications, accomplishments, and research. Include department contact information. Note: A link to department faculty will be included in this section.
Provide program admission criteria or general admission information. Include financial aid information specific to this program. Note: A link to the graduate tuition page will be included in this section.
Provide an overview of the course formats available and list course requirements for the program.
Provide career opportunity, internship, and/or job placement information.

Program Statistics

Please use this area for additional comments or questions on the program page content.