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Donation Fund

The Vincentian Mission Certificate (VMC) Donation Fund was created in May 2008 upon the graduation of the first VMC cohort. At that time, a charitable donation of $7,500 was made to Face to Face  through the fundraising efforts of VMC 1. This generous gift was in response to the needs witnessed by the cohort during their visit to St. Vincent’s Parish in Germantown, PA. Since then, the VMC Donation Fund has been blessed with continued support from a variety of sources, primarily current VMC members and VMC alumni, as a way of offering assistance to designated organizations affiliated with the University's Catholic and Vincentian mission.

In continuing with the tradition established through VMC 1, each subsequent cohort has organized a “VMC Graduation Donation Fundraiser”, presented at the completion of their 16-month program, for an organization that they felt made the greatest impact on their lives during their time in the VMC. Most recently, VMC 7 members focused their efforts on the Midnight Run, a nonprofit organization that distributes essential items (e.g. food, clothing, toiletries) with dignity and care to homeless individuals throughout Manhattan. Raising just over a record-breaking $8,000, the fundraiser supports additional VMC-sponsored Midnight Runs for SJU employee volunteers, held when classes are not in session and students are on break. These funds cover the costs of food, clothing, and toiletries for approximately 75 homeless individuals encountered on each Run.

For anyone interested, documentation of the VMC Donation Fund fiscal activities are available on the VMC website. Unless otherwise noted, any general donations made to the VMC program will be used solely for expenses associated with VMC community service and outreach (e.g. additional clothing and toiletries for VMC Midnight Runs, food items for VMC dinners at Ronald McDonald House, etc.). 

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Lucy Pesce
Executive Director for Mission
[email protected]